Getting in to Iron Maiden show at GM Place requires thorough frisking

On the way in to Maiden, I had to go through the most thorough frisking I've experienced in all my years of concert-going.

I think the guy really liked me. I guess you have to appreciate his efficiency.

Back in '74 he would have found my gallon of Grape Jack for sure.

Concessions too much of a zoo—will have to cruise them later for that unique design only two million Maiden fans have acquired so far.

Georgia Straight music writer Steve Newton is posting items of interest from tonight's (June 24) Iron Maiden concert at GM Place in Vancouver. Check out the full review tomorrow at




Jun 26, 2010 at 2:52pm

Walked in wearing shorts with pockets bulging with a camera, spare batteries and memory cards, smokes, wallet, keys etc. The guy lightly tapped by lower back, under my arms and waved me in.

I could have had a beer in each pocket and a big bad of 'cid (do they still do that for concerts these days?) no problem.

Steve, face it, maybe you just look like someone teenage girl's grandfather, ready to start a fuss due to his teenage grandughter sneaking out with Slimeball_69er to do drugs and chant to the devil's music.

Concessions, unlike MOST bands, Maiden were very clever in setting up a tent right outside the venue, on the main concourse, with their merch! Great idea, lines moved fast, fewer people spilling beer on your shoulder as they squeeze by.(I only said fewer, there was enough booze outside to sate Hastings street) For Maiden it's a bonus too, it helps eliminate the importers selling knock off 'Iren Maydin' shirts outside too.

awwww, face it Newton,, you're done with this gig. Music has passed you by, you hang onto outdated dogma and complain when it isn't rehashed annually. Yet if they came and played a show full of back catalogue stuff, again, you'd just say they were washed up and had no relevant new material.

Iron Maiden, unlike most other bands, HAS stayed relevant for over 30 years. Their newer (10 year old) material is just as worthy, to real Maiden fans, as Run to the Hills is. Plus it showcases Janick better than the older stuff that wasn't written for the three fiddles.

Hang up your jean vest, take down the silk rock banners and concentrate on the upcoming Buble show instead, I'm sure he'll throw out a few timeless Sinatra classics for you and the rest of the blue rinse team.

Can't stop the ringing of my funeral bell.