Video: Star Trek icon William Shatner issues plea against B.C. open-net fish farming

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      He rescued a pair of endangered humpback whales as Capt. James Kirk in the movie Star Trek IV, and now Canadian actor William Shatner is appearing on smaller screens in a bid to protect B.C. wild salmon.

      In a video posted online this week, Shatner calls on Canadians to support proposed legislation that would require fish farm operators on the West Coast to make the switch within five years to closed-containment facilities from open-net systems.

      The private member’s bill that would amend the Fisheries Act was introduced by Fin Donnelly, the MP for New Westminster-Coquitlam and New Democrat Fisheries and Oceans critic.

      “A significant problem facing wild salmon is open-net fish farming,” reads an NDP media release issued on June 10 to announce Shatner's support for Bill C-518.

      “This practice allows large amounts of fish feces to pollute the sea floor and increases the problem of parasitic sea lice, which has a negative impact on migrating wild salmon.”

      Shatner encourages people to support Donnelly's bill by taking part in a “save our wild salmon” postcard campaign.

      “Together we can win this fight,” Shatner says in the video.



      Barbara Mclain

      Jun 30, 2010 at 9:57pm

      It is equally possible that big corporations have simply over-fished the salmon population and are behind this bill? Where are the carcasses of these lice-killed salmon?

      Michael Lawrie

      Jul 8, 2010 at 11:02am

      He can't even say the name of the river correctly - it's Fraser, not Frasure.

      So much energy spend condemning one tiny threat to wild salmon (believe it or not, there are many more larger threats) is probably doing more harm than good. Has anyone noticed the Fraser River has about 1.1 million people living on its banks? How about fixing that first.

      Other rivers in British Columbia are doing very well, and they all live in the same waters as fish farms. Selective "science" here and mixed with a self promoting politician. Shatner is a sucker.

      May the force be with you...wrong movie...sorry.


      Jul 9, 2010 at 4:18pm

      Way to go - too bad they didn't make you GG Mr Shatner!