My Pink Drink a new take on a classic cocktail

My Pink Drink features in Barbara-jo McIntosh’s book Cooking for Me and Sometimes You: A Parisienne Romance With Recipes (French Apple Press, 2010). It’s a new take on a classic cocktail called a French 75. My Pink Drink wants a measure and a half of gin (try the newly arrived Pink 47), a half-measure of Mí»roise du Val de Loire, and a quarter-measure of lemon juice. Shake all that together and double-strain into your favourite glass, then top with pink Prosecco to the tune of a couple of measures, more or less. What’s Mí»roise? A low-alcohol liqueur built on the fruit of the same name, a natural hybrid of blackberry and raspberry. Barbara-jo gets hers at Viti Wine & Lager Store (900 Seymour Street), next to the Moda Hotel.