Total recall campaign against all B.C. Liberal MLAs pleases HST opponents

One of the organizers of the Fight HST campaign says opponents of the harmonized sales tax are relieved that there will be a "total recall" campaign against all B.C. Liberal MLAs, starting November 15.

"Everybody wanted to recall their MLAs," explained Chris Delaney.

Earlier this year, the Fight HST group had planned to recall a few MLAs at a time and not bring down the government. Delaney said that people who worked on the anti-HST initiative didn't want to wait while recall campaigns were launched against B.C. Liberal MLAs in constituencies other than their own.

However, former premier Bill Vander Zalm declared today (August 11) that there will be a total recall campaign targeting every B.C. Liberal MLA. This came in the wake of acting chief electoral officer Craig James's decision not to act on the results of a successful initiative petition pending the outcome of a court challenge by six business groups.

Delaney said that Fight HST is considering asking the court to expedite the decision.

Under the Recall and Initiative Act, the chief electoral officer can refer Vander Zalm's proposed bill eliminating the HST to a legislative committee, which can submit it to the legislature for a vote.

The committee may also send it back to the chief electoral officer with instructions to hold a nonbinding plebiscite, which would only pass with the support of 50 percent of registered voters.




Aug 12, 2010 at 7:42am

We here in Maple Ridge always knew it would come down to a total recall of LIbARalS who are in vulnerable ridings. We were already planing our initial meeting before the results announced yesterday. I have canvassers emailing me that they are ready and we can't wait to get started. We will be ready and off running on Nov. 15. I know other ridings are preparing as well. We will win this!

glen p robbins

Aug 12, 2010 at 11:03am

Camero409 - good for you - however I would suggest that although the Official campaign starts November 15------"a day that will remain in infamy"-------the real campaign starts now. Afterall-------with this decision of Elections BC-------------to hand off to the courts--------opens the door to the people doing ANYTHING THEY PLEASE---------;

If you have the contacts-----begin the early assault on your BC Liberal MLA. By the time November 15--rolls around---------there will be huge momentum and impetus to your Recall. I am certain we can make this more interesting as well---------creating prizes and inducements for fastest collection of required signatures--------------this information can be conveyed on a Gordon Campbell BC Liberal 'Hater" website.

The government - the bullshit Independent Agencies------are meaningless---everyone needs to think and act outside the stupid little box -- these entitled cheaters believe they have created for us.

glen p robbins

Aug 12, 2010 at 1:38pm

Let's get down and dirty researching Craig James of Elections BC--let him feel his decision---------see if someone got to him.

Chris Delaney, Trojan Snake

Aug 12, 2010 at 8:41pm

If only recalling Liberal MLAs would actually defeat the HST... Carole James has NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of getting rid of the tax, should the balance of power shift.

As crappy as it is shelling out a few extra bucks when I go for a beer, I would rather have a competent hand stealing from my wallet, than an incompetent one.

glen p robbins

Aug 13, 2010 at 8:24am

CDTS------------you are incorrect about Carole James

"Carole James has NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of getting rid of the tax, should the balance of power shift."

Carole James is screaming for a free vote in the Legislature - tomorrow---she could not defend an about face later.

There will be no Appeal of the court's decision (the court doesn't want to be the provinces tax collector)--------and I hardly think Carole James would be bluffing ------- so how can she be fairly portrayed as a potential collaborator with Campbell over keeping the HST?


Aug 14, 2010 at 3:40pm

That's because James in the opposition right now -- she scores points if Campbell is forced to make an about-face on it. What I am saying is that if enough Liberal MPs were recalled to put the NDP into power, she would waffle on it starting from day 1 and end up keeping the tax.

glen p robbins

Aug 17, 2010 at 11:13am

CDTS---I did respond previously--it wasn't published--in any event--if James screams for vote now----and vote happens--then she is forced to put her cards on the table over the HST------for perpetuity.

If no vote is made available to her------through no fault of her or her caucus--and democracy is able to stall for another 2-3 years---(which would be necessary to satisfy CDTS's position)---and the HST continues on 'legally'---James cannot be blamed.

Now--if these events transpire--James is elected with majority and she doesn't notify Ottawa immediatley of her intention to withdraw-----she will be more guilty than Campbell is now.