Vancouver police report on Robert Pickton case made public

An internal Vancouver police report has been released on the investigation of serial killer Robert Pickton and women missing from the Downtown Eastside.

Deputy chief Doug LePard authored the 400-page report, which is critical of both Vancouver police and the RCMP.

The release of the report had been planned for September 9. But a leak to the media prompted its public release today (August 20) during a news conference.

In a statement, LePard says he wishes police had caught Robert Pickton sooner.

VPD Missing Women Investigation Review



Dara Grise

Aug 21, 2010 at 12:03pm

This story is not over by a long shot. Robert Pickton did not act alone and those who aided and abetted him still need to be brought to justice. This single conviction should not bring a sigh of relief but enraged compassion and a determination to carry on this investigation. DTES women continue to be at high risk for serial killers, predators and violent johns. A public inquiry is but one small step in the right direction. Rise up people! Rise up, take action and never, ever forget these women who were mothers, daughters, sisters...don't let their deaths be in vain.

Tami Starlight

Aug 25, 2010 at 11:57am

Hopefully our society will learn from this terrible event. The missing & murdered women of the downtown eastside is a focal point of our ongoing unequal, corrupt and violent society.

The corruption is not necessarily the one of moral judgement, but truly the one where all the players in this tragic scene have gone on professionally, instead of being held accountable.

I readilly agree that Robert "Willy" Pickton did not act alone. Not only did he not act alone in the planning and execution of these hyper sick acts of violence towards vunlerable women, but he was helped by our corrupt and inept police foces, political system and society of apathy.

I personally knew many of the women. Being a using addict in the downtown eastside for many years who also was involved in the survival sex trade. I made it out alive, but just barely, as all this was coming to a head.

I believe we all need to self reflect on how we treat each other in our society. Hyper oppressive (racism/classism/heterosexism/ableism) and violent we have been.

I do have hope we are moving away from this unfortunate past.
I have. I will not forget and stop fighting for equality and justice.

All my relations/Namaste
Tami Starlight
DNC-Downtown Eastside Neighborhood Council(communications)