Live at Squamish festival aims for sustainability

Given the strength of the bill, it’s amazing that organizers only decided to throw this weekend’s two-day LIVE at Squamish festival (September 4 and 5) in March. Producer Paul Runnals told the Straight that the idea for a “unique festival property in the Northwest” came up five years ago, but it wasn’t until the Olympics ended that he and his partners had the time to ask “What next?”

“We knew Pemberton wasn’t coming back and Virgin wasn’t coming back, so we thought more than ever this was the right time to launch it.”

In short order, LIVE at Squamish managed to pull together a lineup including the Decemberists—performing one of only three North American dates this year—Devo, Tokyo Police Club, Bad Religion, the live return of You Say Party, and a strong dance component with Dirty Vegas, Tom Middleton, and more.

“We plan to build at a sustainable rate so that three or four years from now you’re looking at the B.C. version of Coachella or Sasquatch,” Runnals added.

More info is available on the Live at Squamish Web site.