O’mally at Café Deux Soleils

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      It takes a lot of dedication to hit the road and take your music to places so tiny and so out of the way that not even the people who live in them could find them on a map. That’s exactly what O’mally (aka Meg Iredale-Gray) has spent the late summer doing, bringing her banjo and her savvy update of backwoods folk to such hot spots as Truffle Pigs in Field, B.C., and the Tin Roof Bistro in Blairmore, Alberta. She has also proven that she doesn’t even need a “proper” venue, having played house concerts on Mayne, Saturna, and Galiano islands. There have also been twitterings that she performed for a small but appreciative audience of marbled murrelets on Mudge, but we couldn’t confirm that at press time. Suffice to say that O’mally will play wherever there are ears eager to hear her, and there should be plenty of those when she visits Café Deux Soleils on Sunday (September 5). After that, Iredale-Gray will be back home in Victoria, singing lullabies to the earthworms in her back yard. Do worms have ears?