Hornby Street business owners oppose grade-separated cycling lane

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      The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has released a survey showing that a vast majority of Hornby Street business owners don't want a new separated cycling lane on that street.

      The "preliminary results" from 63 repondents show that only three percent support the idea that has been proposed by the City of Vancouver.

      The survey showed that 70 percent feel that the existing cycling lane is adequate, and 27 percent want no cycling lane.

      According to the CFIB, 90 percent of the business owners do not trust the City of Vancouver to look after their interests. Of those, 58 percent stated they had "no trust" and 32 percent responded that they had "low trust" in the city.

      "It's no wonder—the city's approach to this project smacks of arrogance," Laura Jones, CFIB vice president for Western Canada, said in a news release.

      At this point, 84 percent of business owners along Hornby claimed that they have not been consulted, according to the preliminary results.

      The CFIB released the survey after the City of Vancouver held a technical briefing with the media on September 8 to offer more details about the proposed Hornby cycling lane.

      It stated that the Dunsmuir separated cycling lane has resulted in a 400 percent increase in riders.

      The Hornby route would link the Burrard Bridge and Dunsmuir grade-separated lanes, creating a seamless route through the downtown for cyclists.




      Sep 9, 2010 at 10:07am

      If they're really opposed, put a sign in the window and see what that does for business.


      Sep 9, 2010 at 11:28am

      I went to the open house event illustrating the proposed separated bike lanes and how they will link up with the new Dunsmuir route and I have to say this is a pretty exciting initiative, particularly the way that the lanes will integrate with the rest of the network. I have to admit I'm hard pressed to remember what businesses are on Hornby but I'm sure I'll be seeing more of them if/when the new lanes open up. Incidentally, the lanes would go in both directions, as opposed to one direction as now.


      Sep 9, 2010 at 11:28am

      I think it's business-owners, large or small, that "smacks of arrogance."

      Just because you own a business doesn't mean you can say how a society is run.

      Hey, business owners, do your job (the one you chose to do). Have a safe, enclosed space to sell us goods. That's all you're there for. Your opinion means nothing to society.

      Get Real

      Sep 9, 2010 at 11:44am

      The "survey" is flawed in several ways:
      - It was started before the city consulted with most of the businesses
      - It was started before the city released the plans last week that address many of the concerns of the businesses
      - Laura Jones issued very negative statements on the bike lane which likely influenced the survey results
      - The survey only asked if businesses what their losses might be. It did not ask what the gains might be
      - They did not approach all the businesses along Hornby so the results are likely skewed towards businesses that do not like the lanes

      Similar surveys on Bloor street in Toronto showed that more businesses supported bike lanes than were opposed to them. I suspect if a similar scientifically valid survey was done here on the actually plans for Hornby, the support for the bike lane would be much higher.

      The City Runs this City not the CIBC

      Sep 9, 2010 at 1:59pm

      We vote these people in to represent us. They don't need to justify their actions and as one comment states, put up a sign in the window CIBC opposing cyclists. See how much goodwill that garners. I'm glad that I bank at BMO which is more progressive! From the CBC:

      first i love cars...i fix them customize them and enjoy driving.


      i love cycling too.

      got back into it after many years and in weeks my breathing improved i started losing weight have way more energy and all summer while people are sweating and grumpy in their hot cars in traffic jams i sail past making my own cool breeze.

      first off i tried to save a little money and hassle by not driving when i was working downtown

      i tried the bus...that did not last long. sorry but i could not stand it.

      a friend persuaded me to try cycling and at first i sweat up a storm huffing and puffing.

      then i started getting stronger and faster

      i actually started to enjoy it.

      the amount of money it saved me was surprising so i bought quality rain gear, and i never liked riding in the rain, but since i spent the money on the rain gear decided to stick with it...found i really enjoyed it because of the rain gear...not getting wet even slightly except for my face and neck which was refreshing. now don't bat an eye at cycling in the rain.

      i bought quality rain gear so should last quite a few seasons.

      don't ride in the snow though...

      besides the huge amount of money i saved and the feeling of freedom you get from riding

      the best thing has been the enormous improvement in my health.

      i was at an age where losing weight is not that easy, or at least i thought that.

      the other day i had a running race with an acquaintance half my age who drives all the time but goes to the gym...he could not keep up to me at all.

      i would;d have to credit the bicycle for all this.

      we should;d be like europe in the way of supporting cyclists it is good for the health and good for the environment.

      of course the big oil companies must hate bikes but who cares.

      Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/09/08/bc-hornby-str...

      the pope

      Sep 9, 2010 at 3:28pm

      if this bike friendly b.s.keeps up ,downtown Vancouver wil become a ghost town...


      Sep 9, 2010 at 3:55pm

      Oh me,oh my...Laura Jones is a child of the Fraser Institute....what a surprise.


      Regardless, why weren't all Hornby businesses surveyed? That's a very pertinent question.


      Sep 10, 2010 at 8:17am

      As someone who actually lives on Hornby St and who is both a cyclist and a car owner I feel that while it is a fait accompli that the bike lanes will be put in I do feel that after attending both public information meetings that the City has come a long way towards recognizing and trying to address people`s concerns.

      For those who state that the City is jamming bike lanes up our collective rear ends perhaps some of those people should go back and read Vision`s platform from the last election as it regards completing the bike route network in the downtown core.

      I have my differences with Vision and they are unlikely to get my vote in the next civic election but at least on the bike lanes they are doing what they ran on and were voted in on.

      Or did people vote for Vision to get rid of Sam, Peter and the Olympic Village mess and forget to check the rest of the platform.


      Sep 10, 2010 at 9:06am

      They should hold a binding referendum on the bus lanes, seeing they cost $25 million.

      Meanwhile, the fire department budget got cut by $4 million.

      L'il Stevie

      Sep 10, 2010 at 10:21am

      Lol @The City runs.... etc...

      CFIB, not CIBC!!! hehe. they are not a bank!! I bank at BMo too btw...