Vancouver pot guru Marc Emery faces sentencing in Seattle court

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      Vancouver marijuana activist and entrepreneur Marc Emery is scheduled to appear in Seattle court tomorrow (September 10) to face sentencing on charges related to an on-line seed-selling business.

      Emery was arrested in 2005 as the result of the combined effort of Canadian and U.S. law enforcement agencies.

      When his bail term expired in May of this year, Emery surrendered himself to authorities in Vancouver and the federal justice minister approved his extradition to Washington State.

      Emery, who is being held at SeaTac Federal Detention Center, is expected to receive a five-year sentence arranged through a plea deal, said his wife, Jodie Emery.

      She said the hope is to then win support from the Canadian government to have her husband, a politically active magazine publisher who for years has championed marijuana-law reform, transferred back to his home country to serve his sentence.

      “There’s no reason Marc should be serving any time down there, of course,” she told the Straight today by phone. “So we hope that he can at least be brought home. That’s our main goal, just to bring him home.”

      Marc Emery is set to appear before judge Ricardo Martinez at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow.

      Meanwhile, supporters are expected to turn out for dozens of “Free Marc Emery” rallies planned around North America and in other countries for September 18.



      W SMITH

      Sep 9, 2010 at 12:45pm


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      S Wainger

      Sep 9, 2010 at 4:41pm

      The real crime here is the Canadian government sending a Canadian citizen to another country for criminal prosecution and, for something that would not net any jail time in Canada. Let's not forget the Canadian government accepted Mr. Emery's tax payments on his seed sale earnings; the government did this knowing full well where the money came from - Mr. Emery disclosed the nature of his business in filling out his tax forms.


      Sep 9, 2010 at 5:20pm

      Lie your nation into wars of aggression, kill a million civilians and steal trillions of dollars and they pay $650 a plate to watch you smirk your way through a speech. Have the wrong leaf in your pocket - go to jail.


      Sep 9, 2010 at 9:50pm

      Had emery fought this instead of just chickening out after all the Gandhi and Martin Luther preaching he did for at least 5 years some might care

      Yet while at the same time as begged donation to fight he fought and spend $80,000 just to stop some one from using the name cannabis culture and begged more and more from street people saying he was doing their battle and would die for the cause

      He pretended he made a deal to save his co accused which we know is untrue.

      We in the movement would have had some momentum in our fight with emery getting a 25 year sentence
      Instead he like in saskatoon just over a joint plead guilty and nothing can then be used to help raise any fight

      Had he fought and lost then canadians would care

      There is no reason to now

      He is about his own infamy nothing else.


      Sep 9, 2010 at 10:48pm

      It's nice to watch the anti-pot idiots sputter and stammer. Because Marc is going to jail, he really will bring the end to the drug war because of the injustice and the publicity. I guess that's why they are frustrated.


      Sep 10, 2010 at 7:05am

      If Emery wasn't such an arrogant self centred dick head he'd be a lot easier to identify with and thus feel sorry for. Keep in mind this guy actually believes that a woman experienced a "religious vision" simply because she happened to walk past him on the street one day; at least that's what she purportedly told him according to Marc. I've got a better idea Marc; how about she's a little nutsy cuckoo; made it all up and you're so unbelievably egotistical that you're willing to actually repeat that kind of story with a straight face? No surprise; I suppose, everybody knows the whole world orbits Mr. Emery. Later today; when the American judicial system screws him over by backing out of the five year sentencing "deal" they made with him and sends him away for eight or nine years; those of us who know that eventually pot will be legalized can get back to work actually trying to make it happen without having to worry about Marc Emery shooting off his big mouth and making the whole exercise even harder than it needs to be.

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      1286 Wilton

      Sep 10, 2010 at 10:11am

      I relish the 3% chance the judge declares this to be a Canadian problem, not Americas and sends him back across the border.