We Found a Lovebird's eponymous album hits markers all across the pop spectrum

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      We Found a Lovebird
      We Found a Lovebird (Independent)

      The art of the record review is all about summing up a disc in one cozy little statement, something that wouldn’t be out of place sprawled across the cover of a CD or tucked inside a press release next to a row of stars. We Found a Love Bird’s self-titled album throws a bit of a wrench into this practice, though, as the local quintet hits markers all across the pop spectrum.

      Listeners are greeted with a melancholic country-tinged jam (“O Avenue Park”) before being ushered into a breezy jazz-inspired romp called “Concertina”, which, of course, floats into another vein of eclectic pop. Genre boundaries are unimportant here: melodic folk gives way to sleepy indie rock, and sleepy indie rock gives way to singsong jingles about reality TV. Heck, there’s even a breathy PJ Harvey–type number thrown in for good measure. This type of sonic dabbling sometimes backfires, but for whatever reason this freewheeling mix-and-match routine doesn’t feel overly off course: each track, no matter its vibe, propels the listener happily onward.