Video: Arcade Fire leaves Vancouver with Neighborhood #1

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      Oh, you Montreal darlings. How you wooed the thousands of adoring fans that packed the Pacific Coliseum last Tuesday night (September 28).

      Arcade Fire, they cheered and you turned the volume up. They applauded and you took your bows and curtsies with form and grace.

      And I don’t know which one of the eight of you it was that just couldn’t contain themselves and leapt from the stage to run to the back of the floor, tossing your snare drum to and fro. But that was awesome, too.

      Oh, and Win Butler, thanks for the shot at Stephen Harper. Judging by the roar of applause your chastising received, we really liked that move as well.

      Bravo, boys and girls. You’re welcome back to Vancouver anytime you like.

      Arcade Fire performs "Neighborood #1 (Tunnels)" at the Pacific Coliseum.

      *“Leaves Vancouver with Neighborhood #1”, meaning, "plays the last number before the arena gig’s now-compulsory three-song encore."

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      Frank Turdshoe

      Sep 30, 2010 at 8:24pm

      Travis,are you attempting to be a smarmy arsehole or are you falling back into that ridiculous place where all the Straight music critics used to hide?
      That being the state of irony.There was a time when that word seemingly was the only comeback any of them had when some musical entity didn't fit their mold of what was cool.How ironic!! Oh,by the way,if you would have stayed,you would have noticed that the encore was actually two songs:Keep the Car Running and a near tribal chanting Wake Up.Maybe
      the latter was more in line with what you should have done.

      Travis Lupick

      Sep 30, 2010 at 9:14pm

      I was trying to be a smarmy arsehole and be ironic.

      Really, the encore was only two songs? I did stay and swear I remember three.