Louis Riel Day celebrations at the Cultch

Our country is often described in terms of two solitudes: English Canada and its francophone counterpart. But life’s a lot more fun when cultures mix, as can be seen in the Métis traditions of the Prairie provinces. Born of the collision of Scottish fur traders, Québécois voyageurs, and First Nations inhabitants, this vibrant hybrid culture incorporates aspects of all three, and that’s especially apparent in the fiddling of John Arcand, a master musician from Big River, Saskatchewan. Arcand headlines Louis Riel Day celebrations at the Cultch on Friday (November 12) and the WISE Hall on Saturday (November 13). The former is a sit-down affair, with other performers including songwriter Winston Wuttunee and poet Gregory Scofield; the latter is a dinner and dance with traditional Métis fare. If moose is on the menu, we’re in.



Ed Hird

Feb 4, 2011 at 6:58am

It is great to hear about the burgeoning Metis musical expressions. Louis Riel had a remarkable impact in so many ways. I commend to you the article "Louis Riel and Nicholas Flood Davin": http://bit.ly/f1FXdm

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