Facebook looks set to launch e-mail feature to compete with Gmail

There’s a war brewing between Google and Facebook, and it appears that Facebook is set to bring out the big guns sooner rather than later.

According to reports, the social-networking site is expected to unveil its very own e-mail feature as soon as Monday (November 15).

That's when tech blog TechCrunch's sources say Facebook’s social e-mail, dubbed Project Titan, will debut.

Facebook Mail will be in direct competition with Google's Gmail, one of the most popular e-mail services.

TechCrunch's sources claim that Facebook users will get e-mail addresses ending with @facebook.com, and there’s been speculation that the site will somehow incorporate your friends, photos, and events like never before.

This would certainly be big news for Facebook (and web users in general). But with Facebook's history of limiting user-privacy options, it will be interesting to see how the company addresses such issues and if it's able to put out something different enough to draw people to its e-mail product.