City of Vancouver eyes plan for Mount Pleasant

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      Vancouver city council is set to consider adopting a sweeping planning-and-policy framework intended to guide how the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood will be shaped in the future.

      The draft community plan is on the agenda for the planning and environment committee meeting on November 18 at 2 p.m.

      A city staff report says the plan was developed through a process that included community outreach, workshops, open houses, and that involved residents, property owners and businesses.

      The plan attempts to address a range of issues including homelessness, alternative transportation, higher-density development, commerce, and arts and culture, among others.

      Some of the key goals of the community plan are to create more affordable housing, and solidify a focus on the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. It also aims to foster support for farmers markets and other activities held in the outdoors, and keep and create spaces for cultural and other events.

      “The community plan will help to set priorities and direct funds to programs which achieve policy over time,” reads the staff report from November 2.

      Another key element of the plan is a focus on exploring increased building height and density in several shopping areas along Broadway and Main Street.

      According to the staff report, the community plan will be brought into effect through site-specific rezoning, as well as through new and existing city programs and projects.

      Initial steps toward implementing the plan would include developing strategies around revitalizing the Broadway East area, delivering public benefits and infrastructure, improving high-traffic public areas, and engaging members of the Mount Pleasant community.




      Nov 16, 2010 at 8:37pm

      Mount Pleasant has already been raped by all the Olympic/RAV bullshit construction, and has been pretentiously "traffic-calmed" to hell and back over the last 10 years.

      So, please, please, leave us alone, and stop putting

      We need a mayor who understands that the roads are for bicycles, cars, motorcycles and skateboards, they are NOT a place to store your damn concrete.

      PS: Thanks for BULLDOZING our beautiful community center and replacing it with that pathetic useless joke on Kingsway & Main.

      I'd really like to know

      Jan 14, 2011 at 9:09pm

      I have lived in Mount Pleasant since 1992 and I would really like to know where all these consultations were held with residents. What was the process for making these consultations known? I got no flyers in my mail, saw no posters anywhere and read nothing in the papers. Maybe only property owners got invites?

      I'll tell you what. You can make our neighbourhood into the next Yaletown and we'll spray paint your fucking walls. That's the price of moving in with the riff raff. This is a class war!