International Guitar Night brings performers from around the world to Vancouver

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      Some of the world’s foremost acoustic guitarists will be coming together for a concert tonight (November 26) at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Langley campus, performing original compositions and exchange musical ideas with musicians and fan alike.

      Brian Gore founded International Guitar Night 15 years ago in San Francisco and has nurtured its growth ever since. Gore spoke with the Straight from Winnipeg on route to their Vancouver show and explained why this show remains so close to his heart.

      “I can’t think of a single person that hasn’t been touched by the music that comes through a guitar,” he said. “For me this is about showcasing an instrument that many people are familiar with but may not know about some of the great people behind it.”

      Tonight’s show will feature Clive Carroll, a steel string guitarist from England and an IGN alumnus, Alexandre Gismonti, son of legendary Brazilian guitarist Egberto Gismonti, and Italian steel string guitarist Pino Foastiere.

      Gore selects who will join him for the tour every year, and he’s very selective about the lucky few that he brings together.

      “I want them to be the finest players technically, but they also need to be great musicians and convey a story and a message during the show,” he said. “I’m pretty picky about the people that I work with from that perspective.”

      It’s no coincidence that the venue for this year’s concert is Kwantlen. Guitar program director Don Hlus has been a trying to get Gore and his fellow musicians to play at the school for the past six years and is excited to finally make it happen.

      Hlus spoke with the Straight about his admiration of what Gore has done with the program and why he thinks it’s a great opportunity for his students.

      “I think it’s amazing that Brian has taken these players from all over the world who in their own rights command the stage and brought them together to create a sort of musical kaleidoscope which is pretty cool,” he said.

      Hlus’s music students are going to get a chance to sit in on workshops with Gore and the three other guitarists before the concert tonight, and Hlus says he’s excited to give them the opportunity.

      “For my students to have this cross-section of musical talent is something you don’t come across all the time,” he said.