Guaranteed income will only increase tax burden

I had to do a double take when reading about Adrienne Montani’s idea for a guaranteed-income scheme across Canada [“B.C. has worst child poverty”, November 25–December 2]. Let’s call it what it is: welfare for all. Say hello to inflation/currency devaluation (which hurts the poor proportionately more than the rich). Or maybe she just means a “guaranteed income” for people with children.

Need I even comment on how that will affect population growth? Population growth aside, anyone who says that the number of people in “need” of a “guaranteed income” won’t increase dramatically after it’s implemented is living in the land of Oz.

Times are hard. Drastically increasing the already staggering tax burden of Canadians will only put our children further in debt, not help them.

> Mike Maxwell / Vancouver




Dec 9, 2010 at 8:08am

wow...guaranteed income is the WORST idea i have ever heard in my entire life and im not even exaggerating). Can you imagine living in Vancouver with guaranteed income and safe injections sites. Every addict in the world would move hear and bread.