Mark Haney's Aim for the Roses reaches geek heaven

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      This is the dweebiest story to come out of Vancouver all year. Released in September, Mark Haney’s album Aim for the Roses tells the story of Canadian daredevil Ken Carter’s ill-fated attempt to leap across the St. Lawrence River in a rocket-powered Lincoln Continental. Composed entirely of layered double-bass parts, and organized around 499 digits of pi, Aim for the Roses manages to strike the perfect balance between utterly amazing and completely fucking ridiculous.

      Last weekend, the disc was included in the goody bag of anybody attending film critic Harry Knowles’s legendary Butt-Numb-A-Thon film festival at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. “They want the biggest geeks on Earth at this thing,” Haney told the ,em>Straight, “so I wrote to them and said, ”˜Look, I know it’s usually big companies sending you this shit, but I’m a giant fucking nerd, and this was made for giant nerds. Please let me give this to my people.’ And they went for it, which is fucking awesome!”

      Thus 250 copies of the album were sent to Austin, where they found their intended audience: those who have probably never known any form of physical intimacy. But there’s more. “The big thing was that Jon Favreau and Ron Howard surprised them to show the first 40 minutes of their upcoming feature Cowboys & Aliens,” Haney said proudly. “So Richie Cunningham has Aim for the Roses.”