The Tranzmitors' Jeffrey McCloy turns tailor

Jeffrey McCloy wants to help you “look better than your friends and your enemies” with his new tailoring, garment repair, and alteration business, Ready Steady Sew. The Tranzmitors guitarist-vocalist told the Straight that making clothes is a hobby that stretches back to his childhood.

“I used to spend tons of time with my grandmother, who was a seamstress,” McCloy said. “That’s where I learned to do everything, just from hanging out with her. I never considered it as a career; it was one of those things that you just learn.” McCloy added that while he was working at Scratch Records and various other places around town, he was “casually taking seamstress and pattern courses”.

Given the man’s personal sartorial proclivities, which run from classic ’60s mod to late-’70s new wave, should we expect McCloy to focus exclusively on skinny, three-button suits? “No, not at all,” he said with a laugh. “I’m a firm believer in making people’s clothes the way they want. I mean, I have my opinions on how things should look for me, but it’s exciting for me to rebuild a person’s clothing so it’s just the way they want it.”

You can contact Ready Steady Sew at