Why the B.C. Liberal leadership candidates are avoiding public debates

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      Last night, B.C. Liberal candidates gathered at a downtown Vancouver hotel to give short speeches, chat with potential supporters, and not hold any real policy debates.

      There's a reason why they aren't debating in public. They don't want the B.C. NDP to do to them what the Harper Conservatives did to former federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion.

      In 2006, the federal Liberals held a series of debates across the country to stimulate interest in their leadership race.

      The Conservatives grabbed clips from these debates to ridicule Dion and highlight divisions between Liberals.

      Conservative ad attacking Stephane Dion

      It's safe to debate on radio—there are no campaign strategists lurking in the studio surreptitiously videotaping the proceedings. But few politicians are in the mood to be carved up like Dion by arguing the issues in a public place where there might be a camera present.

      If the B.C. NDP follows the B.C. Liberal model and avoids holding candidate debates in a public venue, it will diminish interest in the political process in B.C.

      That could lead to even lower voter turnout in the future.




      Jan 13, 2011 at 2:45pm

      Reasons the liberals dont want a public debate
      BC Rail
      Vasi Birk
      Elections BC pupet

      They are liers and everyone knows it and they dont want to be asked questions which would A.) for them to look like bumbling idiotes trying to avoid the answer B.) Give an answer and even look worse.

      glen p robbins

      Jan 13, 2011 at 4:27pm

      I remember when Dion was first elected leader of the federal Liberal Party of Canada, one of his first public appearances was in Coquitlam. He refused to answer any questions and fled - we wrote him up -- and things never got better after that. I'm not suggesting he did poorly soley because of us -----I am saying the word picture we took of him -- and early--- set the stage for his dismal start -- he wasn't open and accessible--he was aloof - did not know the lay of the land etc.

      I reiterate, I can't imagine why Mike de Jong or Christy Clark are in the race --, particularly Clark who has no seat - and would have to win a by-election - with nowhere to run - and all the questions out there. I believe she is running exclusively to lose and cut a deal --------, why else have her opponents in the BC Liberal leadership race, ALL dummied up about her not declaring if she would stay on if she leaves. Remember ROBBINS rules - if Christy wins or appears to cut deal - benefactor is to be treated as if they are she-----------------------------

      Falcon is going to have Gordon Campbellitis - no matter, de Jong - BC Rail---------------------they have only Abbott------------unless Carole Taylor changes her mind----------to get her to do that - she would likely want to change the party executive - etc; OR

      Carole Taylor - if she won't change her mind - endorsed Abbott - and the BC Liberals are off without a problem --- well maybe.


      Jan 13, 2011 at 4:59pm

      Just like every provincial election since 2001. LIbERal candidates won't appear at a public debate. That is unless Gordo was there to orchastrate the comments. What a bunch of cowards.


      Jan 13, 2011 at 8:00pm

      ROTFL! Glen P and RonS ~

      I have nothing further to add, other than that - I believe that the people of BC have had enough of the 'ghonnare-elecim' that has gone around for the last decade, along with the 'Campbellitis'...

      Get a clue

      Jan 14, 2011 at 12:23pm

      Before this article was written, they had already hosted one all candidates debate and now have three more scheduled over the next month.

      glen p robbins

      Jan 16, 2011 at 3:10pm

      luvbc - I will guarantee (and I have been accused of tarot cards and astrology/crystal balls/brass--etc - and many things to achieve deadly accurate polls - {with only some of that true---------------};

      But I promise you - unless some new fangled scam is dreamt up by the insiders - to control everything - you will see an election outcome that few right now would be even thinking about---------I promise you.

      Rod Hebner

      Jan 17, 2011 at 8:40am

      When they are so aware of their corruption, their support of it and big business then you would have to ask yourself who would be stupid enough to put themselves into a public debate ? The mere mention of BC Rail brings on a barrage of questions that would take them past the results of the next election so don't expect them to accept questions much less provide answers anytime soon. We know they support corruption, we will never know to what extent or at what costs to the taxpayers as it goes way beyond the 6 million they paid for Basi & Virk


      Jan 17, 2011 at 10:56am

      After consulting the I Ching, Glen P, I have drawn the stick of "nine in the fifth place" ~ advising within context, that, "In the midst of the greatest obstructions, friends come."

      You are one heck of a soothsayer, with a keen precognitive sense, it seems to me ~