Yamla Pagla Deewana muscles its slapstick from Vancouver to Punjab

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      Starring Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, and Bobby Deol. In Punjabi. Rated PG


      Bollywood legend and India’s original silver-screen macho man Dharmendra once again teams up with his sons, Sunny and Bobby Deol, in what can best be described as a muscular comedy of slapstick proportions.

      Yamla Pagla Deewana begins with Paramveer (Sunny Deol) setting out from Vancouver, against the wishes of his Caucasian wife Mary (Emma Brown-Garrett), to travel to India to find his long-lost father and brother and reunite them with his long-suffering mother (Nafisa Ali).

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      The trip to India is mostly an excuse to unite the father and sons so that they can get on with the lunacy that eventually leads them to their native Punjab. In the slums of Banaras, Dharam (Dharmendra) and younger son Gajodhar (Bobby Deol) are the notorious local conmen who rob people in the day and spend their ill-gotten gains drinking and cajoling with bar girls at night. Soon Gajodhar falls for a beautiful Punjabi girl Saheba (Kulraj Randhawa) but her brothers stand in his way. It’s in Punjab where the most laughs take place. There, our heroes try to outsmart Saheba’s clownish brothers, who are led by the gun-slinging eldest brother Joginder (Anupam Kher). Joginder picks the stronger Paramveer over the meekish Gajodhar for Saheba, leading to a lot of hilarity.

      Bollywood veteran Kher is in top form, and so is Randhawa, proving that she was no fluke in the hit Punjabi film Tera Mera Ki Rishta. The Deols also turn in good performances to make this brew tantalizing enough for their target audience. And while Dharmendra’s golden years are long behind him, he still knows where to plant his lips—on the cheeks of beautiful song-and-dance item girls.




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