NPA's Ian Robertson may not run again for Vancouver park board

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      Park board commissioner Ian Robertson says there's a “better than 50-percent chance” he won't try for reelection this November.

      “I haven't made my mind up, and that's the honest truth,” the Non-Partisan Association commissioner said by phone. “I hope to make the decision over the next month or so, but there is a good chance that I might not run again.”

      Robertson, who was first elected in 2005 and reelected in 2008, said he has been “giving it a lot of thought” over the holidays.

      “I've spent the last couple of terms on park board. I've accomplished what I wanted to accomplish when I first ran, and I am thinking this may be the time for me to focus more on family, my career, and my health,” Robertson explained. “I mean, my health is fine, but I've put on the few odd pounds and I'd like to try and address that. So I am just being very open and honest with you—I haven't made the decision, and there is a better than 50-percent chance that I might not run again.”

      Meanwhile, Green commissioner Stuart Mackinnon indicated that he was also “undecided” about running for reelection.

      “I haven't ruled it out,” Mackinnon told the Straight by phone. “It [the park board] does take a lot of time.”

      He added that as a special-education teacher, he's been hit with a double whammy. Politics have also been taxing on his “personal life”, he added.

      “I've devoted most of my life to service to the community,” Mackinnon said. “Is this the best way that I can serve my community? And that's what I have to decide over the next few months. I mean, I love the park board and I love working towards what I think are important issues, especially [those] which I think are lacking around the table during this term.”

      Mackinnon said he wants more emphasis put on “parks and green spaces” at the board.

      “I'm certainly not saying that I'm the only person who can do that,” he said. “There are lots of other people who can do that as well.”

      Vision Vancouver commissioners Sarah Blyth, Raj Hundal, and Aaron Jasper each told the Straight they plan on seeking second terms. Coalition of Progressive Electors commissioner Loretta Woodcock previously told the Straight she is undecided.

      Vision commissioner Constance Barnes did not reply to messages left by the Straight.



      Sean Bickerton

      Jan 21, 2011 at 11:32am

      We are sadly in danger of losing two independent thinkers and solution finders on our Park Board. Both Ian Robertson and Stuart McKinnon would be deeply missed and deserve our thanks for their service.

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      Jan 21, 2011 at 3:50pm

      I agree with Sean,

      Ian, Stuart as well as Loretta are the only three members of the board that are reasonable and informed about the issues. I hope that they decide to run again, they can't leave important park issues to the incompetance of the Vision team.

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