Cavalia to erect its giant white tent at the Olympic Village

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      The Olympic Village area on the southeast part of False Creek is soon going to be host to the White Big Top of Cavalia, the company told the Straight this week.

      And if so, the neighbourhood that's been infamously quiet since the end of the Games should become a lot busier: the giant peaked tents will house the show's unique, interdisciplinary mix of performance by 55 horses with and without riders, circus-style acrobatics, and digital big-screen imagery.

      Created by Normand Latourelle, one of the cofounders of Cirque du Soleil, the spectacle is set to hit Vancouver for the first time on March 22 for a minimum two-week run.

      Cavalia takes place under North America’s largest touring tent, a 26,264-square-foot big top that's 100 feet high.

      It houses a 160-foot-wide stage that allows some of the show's quarter horses to gallop at top speed. It's not performed in the round like a traditional horse show or circus ring.

      The compound is also home to stables, a warmup and cooldown area, and a paddock where horses go out each day.

      The show has toured all over the globe since premiering in Armand's hometown of Montreal, and is currently in L.A., where the Straight toured the production before it heads north to Vancouver.

      En route here, the horses will have a grazing stop at a ranch.




      Mar 18, 2011 at 9:46pm

      would like to take my mother & father but the price is to much for me in the economic times but better than the greatest show on earth

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