Protests will continue despite Mubarak’s vow, says Vancouver resident with family in Egypt

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      A Vancouver resident with family in Cairo says massive anti-government protests will continue in Egypt despite President Hosni Mubarak’s vow he won’t seek reelection.

      “People felt so much oppressed by this regime for a long time,” Ahmed Ali told the Straight today (Febuary 1) by phone.

      “Following the news I think that the people will not stop [protesting],” he said, referring to Mubarak’s recent announcement indicating he will remain in power for months to come.

      Ali, an Egyptian-Canadian, has been following news about the unrest closely and phoning family in the country several times a day.

      He said a brother-in-law in Cairo has continued participating in the revolt, even after being shot by a rubber bullet.

      Ali said that kind of resolve reflects a spirit shared by many Egyptians.

      He said it’s not clear how many people have died since the uprising began last week, but estimated there may have been hundreds of deaths.

      “Although it’s very sad to see this blood is shed because of asking for freedom, democracy and human rights, the people are very much determined to continue,” he said. “They will not stop.”

      A vigil was planned this evening in downtown Vancouver to commemorate those who have died during the revolt. The event was to start at 5 p.m. at the Vancouver Art Gallery.