CRTC decision on usage-based billing to be reversed, Tony Clement indicates

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      The open-media advocacy group behind a growing petition against Internet metering said indications by Industry Minister Tony Clement that the federal government will overturn a recent CRTC decision on usage-based billing are a “big win”.

      Clement indicated via his Twitter page Wednesday night that his government will overturn the ruling if the CRTC doesn’t, and that the commission must “go back to the drawing board”.

      The statement comes as the head of the CRTC is set to appear before a parliamentary committee this afternoon in Ottawa to explain the recent ruling.

      But while Steve Anderson, the national coordinator of, said the potential reversal of the decision is a victory, he notes the group’s efforts are “not at the finish line yet.”

      He stressed he wants to see a full reversal of the decision, not what he called a “half-measured solution”.

      Anderson predicted the federal government will either rescind the decision and prevent usage-based billing from being applied to independent Internet service providers, or it will direct the CRTC to come up with a new decision.

      “We need to make sure that the independent ISPs have control over how they bill their customers,” he told the Straight by phone.

      Clement told CTV Tuesday the federal government is reviewing the decision, and that he will be giving recommendations to Cabinet in a matter of days.

      His comments came after federal NDP and Liberal parties came out against the CRTC decision, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper indicated over Twitter that he was “very concerned” about the ruling. plans to keep gathering signatures over the coming days on its petition against usage-based billing. The petition has now reached over 370,000 signatures.

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      Feb 3, 2011 at 12:21pm

      someone at the CRTC who got their pockets lined isnt very happy.


      Feb 3, 2011 at 3:22pm

      Rather, the guy who paid the CRTC guy isn't very happy. The CRTC guy who got paid finds it hilarious.


      Feb 3, 2011 at 9:52pm

      The CRTC said "Inter net use has become like the any other essential Utility" let me trans late that for you. "You need it is time to price it how we want". The CRTC is right in one thing if the ruling is allowed to stay, like any other utility we will be paying more for the delivery and miscellaneous cost than the actual usage. There have to be changes at the CRTC if they are to still be credible and assumed independent. Here a few things why.
      1) To use data mainly from a lobbying company (BELL) to make their point is not only irresponsible but clearly one sided. Anyone who wants to save money is with a small competitor already on an unlimited plan, and if the CRTC did not check their average usage than how could they say how much internet usage is there for the average Canadian.
      2)To compare internet use as an essential service and to be dealt as such, is an indication that the CRTC was already given a lay out how profits will be made and who in the CRTC will be sitting where in key jobs at the lobbying companies once the ruling came trough.
      3)The CRTC saying they will be reviewing the ruling only tells me they did not expect opposition and expected the ruling to remain quietly, as there was no news about it anywhere until people received noticed on their bills.
      4) If it was to protect the consumer why internet service pricing remained the same. At 1cent/GB if I get charged 3cent/GB to pay for the cost to the provider and 2cent profit that would mean 75cents a month of internet usage paying 300% plus taxes of course even at 13% that would be 0.8475 cents a month. Hum I am paying over 30/month currently unlimited, but I will be brought down to 25GB that would only cost me 0.8475 cents a month if it was true pay per usage. O wait their the transport of the internet signal to my computer cost, and the cost of wires, and the cost of ......

      COMMON this is not about protecting the consumer is about controlling the people and having a Monopoly. How about asking bell to stop outsourcing overseas their customer assistance. I don't mean not hiring foreigners or minorities to answer customer concerns here in Canadian soil. I am talking about outsourcing those services from over seas at cents/day to answer customer issues. Yet asking customers for outrageous prices for their phone , internet, satellite services, and now even charge those who are not even their customers by forcing changes trough the CRTC.

      If the CRTC is on someones pocket who is there to protect Canadians? I SURE AS HELL HOPE THE GOVERNMENT... otherwise we need someone to run who will question every and any decision made by any so called independent regulating agency, that not only makes Canadians look stupid, but dangerously hinders competition, limits choice, stops innovation, secludes individuals based on how much they can afford, and give advantage to specific corporations.


      Feb 4, 2011 at 2:57am

      It's sure good to see our government finally doing something right and puting the CRTC in their place on there so called proposal,cause I honestly doubt every citizen out there wants to pay more for their internet usage,I sure don't. Pretty well,in my view,I think the CRTC is nothing but an out of date dinosaur company that should be put out to paster to perish

      Randy Hrechka

      Feb 7, 2011 at 9:17am

      We here in Canada get dinged for everything cell phones etc....time to stop this madness...CRTC was supposed to protect Canadians not penalize them...they have lost focus... maybe its time to look into the inner circle of the CRTC itself .... enough is enough!

      Jim Kimber

      Mar 12, 2011 at 7:37am

      Canada is were the Monopoly is!
      Outside companies are discouraged or pushed aside or Regulated backwards from entering Canada by these Conglomerate companies because their lining the pockets or protecting the Jobs of our Elected officials. Why else would it be so hard to get outside companies in IE: internet, cell phone,Tech source, Oil distribution.Why if our Dollar is worth more than the Americans are we Paying MORE for gas than they are? Not including GST/HST. Or the fact that food 40% of Production in the World and Petroleum is Canadian