Kevin Falcon campaign accuses Christy Clark of bypassing B.C. Liberal membership rules

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      B.C. leadership candidate Kevin Falcon's campaign manager claims that the Christy Clark campaign is playing fast and loose with party membership rules.

      In an interview, Norman Stowe said that the Clark campaign has been circulating photocopied membership forms.

      Stowe acknowledged that people have filled in the forms in good faith, but alleged that the documents themselves were "not legitimate".

      "They don't have membership serial numbers on them," Falcon's campaign manager said. "And it begs the question: what happens to those forms once somebody fills them in and pays their $10?"

      Stowe mentioned only two possibilities:

      * "One, you can transcribe the information from the photocopied membership form to a real membership form. But that means you would have to forge somebody's signature onto the membership form because the membership form has to have an original signature."

      * "The other thing you could do is take that information from the photocopied membership form, go online, and register somebody with a different credit card. Again, that's not allowed, either. You're supposed to use a personal credit card."

      He added that he doesn't know how many of these "illegitimate" photocopied forms have been distributed.

      "We saw them first in the Lower Mainland," Stowe said, adding that another showed up in Kamloops.

      The Falcon campaign has turned that one over to the party for a review.

      The allegations come in the wake of revelations that a cat belonging to a senior Christy Clark volunteer was registered as a B.C. Liberal.

      The George Abbott campaign has accused an "associate" of the Clark campaign of signing up the cat.

      B.C. Liberals will vote on February 26 to elect their new leader, who will become B.C.'s next premier.

      The Christy Clark campaign's media spokesperson, Shane Mills, could not be reached for comment this morning (February 8).



      Pat Crowe

      Feb 8, 2011 at 9:28am

      Christy has no credibility what so ever. After acting as Cambell's hatchet man in the education portfolio, cutting already minimal funding to special needs, PAC, and other core funding needs she runs away to her "listen to me on the high ground" radio show.
      At least Carole Taylor had the good sense to keep her head down after Cambell used her.

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      Feb 8, 2011 at 9:39am

      and here goes this shit slinging.

      Dont hold your breath on anything to do with BC Rail, all their hands are dirty and they just want it to go fare as voters go, it wont.

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      Peter Dimitrov

      Feb 8, 2011 at 10:34am

      True BC Liebral colours are showing again, another reason not to vote for self-aggrandizing candidates (and their behind the scenes cronies) of any political party, but rather to give sole authority to nominate candidates for the Legislature/Parliament only to the constituents registed by Elections BC or Elections Canada that reside within a specific riding, and no parachute candidates from political parties. Further instead of paying the $2 per vote to political parties pay that money to the constituency association in each riding to help them search for good candidates to represent them and run the candidate nomination process so that the winning candidate gets 50% plus one of the votes from the voters in that riding. Bring in effective rules to curtail advertising -only allowing the constituency association to advertise on behalf of candidates via a web site, mailouts to all residents in the constituency, holding constituency meetings, etc. I say relegate political parties, their cadres and candidates representing only party policy to a three ring circus - disempowered, gone an archaic example of a dysfunctional democracy. What do you think? Also, consider the ideas in my prior article at the straight called Democracy: the Big Lie. Twitter me at: JusticeNow_2288

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      Fan'o Truth

      Feb 8, 2011 at 12:21pm

      Kevin Falcon campaign accuses Christy Clark of bypassing B.C. Liberal membership rules

      How many people believe that Kevin Falcon is the type of guy who "plays by the rules"?

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      Feb 9, 2011 at 12:06pm

      This is all a PR campaign.
      There's no way the BC Liberals, any of them, have signed up as many legitimate new members as they claim.
      This is a concerted effort to make it appear they have momentum they don't!
      People of this province want change and its clear none of these candidates in any way, shape or form represent anything but more of the same.
      As for Clark, BC Rail will be her undoing, just as arrogance and his record will undo Falcon.
      Abbot will likely come up the middle, but he's just the same old same old and the people aren't going to buy it!
      Also, the good news is, none of the cats, rats, snakes or underage unknowing sign ups will be allowed to vote in the election, so it will all be for not in the end.
      The people, simply put, are not with, and do not trust, the BC Liberals. Its time for them to go!

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