Experts offer a guy's guide to sexy Valentine's lingerie

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      Bras can be tricky to pick out at the best of times—let alone for special occasions when you’re trying to sex things up. There are just so many gravitational and fitting variables to consider. That’s why many lingerie experts advise men not to buy bras for their partners on Valentine’s Day.

      However, that shouldn’t deter guys from treating their sweethearts to lingerie come February 14. On the contrary, there are plenty of sexy lingerie options besides bras; a fella just needs to follow a few simple guidelines. For starters, sticking to camis, slips, bustiers, and anything else that’s sized extra small to extra large is way easier than fussing about with cup sizes.

      For example, Blush Lingerie—carried by several retailers in the Lower Mainland including the Bay (various locations)—has an adorable Finders Keepers babydoll ($58) that’s a pretty safe bet. You can get this sexy, sheer slip in black with horizontal cream-coloured ruffled panels, or you can pick it up in the reverse colourway—both are equally cute. Add a matching thong ($22) or some hipster panties ($28), and you’re good to go.

      But even if you opt for an easy buy like that, you still need to know her approximate size. And you may need help in this department—something lingerie designer Shea O’Connor says many men are reluctant to seek out.

      “They’re very nervous when they go into it, so they end up just picking the first thing they see when they get in the store just so they can get the hell out of there—I’ve seen it happen and it’s absolutely hilarious,” says O’Connor, founder and designer of the Vancouver-based lingerie label Shea Couturiere, by cellphone.

      “So unless he’s a real confident guy, he should go ask for help,” O’Connor continues. “Women know women—and they love to help guys out because most of them just look like lost little puppy dogs.”

      Second, you should be realistic about her body type. For example, if she’s not built like a Brazilian supermodel, Kenan lingerie design director Patrice Tremblay suggests staying away from impossibly skimpy pieces; otherwise, you may be sending the wrong message.

      “The girl will take that out of the box or the bag and say, ”˜Seriously?’ She’ll feel like the guy is fantasizing about someone else,” says Tremblay, calling from Kenan’s East Van headquarters. “But it all depends if the girl is open. If she has a sense of humour, then she might go, ”˜Yeah, sure’ and put it on and go [along] for the ride.”

      Another body-type tip: boy-cut shorts are probably the most flattering choice for big-bottomed girls. So if you’re looking for a great place to stash all the booty-full junk, check out Shea Couturiere’s one-of-a-kind hand-dyed boy shorts in stretch lace ($25), carried at Adhesif Clothing Co. (2202 Main Street).

      Or if she’s thick in the middle, think A-line slips like the silky raspberry and black lace Eva-Marie swinging babydoll set (about $119) from Kenan’s Lisa’s Folly Luxe collection, which you can pick up at Honey Gifts (3448 Cambie Street) and Bare Basics Lingerie Boutique (4431 West 10th Avenue and 3871 Moncton Street, Richmond).

      And if she’s small on top, she’d probably appreciate some cute and frilly embellishments on and around the bustline. Kenan’s Tippi (about $109), a black ruffled babydoll set with pink ribbon accents is a pretty way to create the illusion of more bust.

      In terms of kink level, Blush Lingerie’s marketing and sales director, Tiffany Ajmo, warns men that it’s better to buy for her comfort level (as opposed to fulfilling his fantasy).

      “I would think of her first,” says Ajmo, calling from Blush’s Montreal head office. “I mean, find something that’s sexy but will make her feel good too, because the most sexy woman is the one who feels good about herself on the inside.”


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