Public Myth's yogawear goes Fergalicious

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      There was a time not so long ago when terms like “sexy leisurewear”, “rock ’n’ roll yoga gear”, and “fashion-forward jogging pants” would have been considered oxymorons. Well, all that’s changing, at least in some circles, and we have fitness fashion designers like Kerry Pollock to thank. His Public Myth athletic and lifestyle clothing designs are runway-inspired, bootylicious, and highly functional all at the same time.

      That’s because when the former personal trainer/fitnesswear sales rep started up his own Vancouver-based label a few years ago, he didn’t turn to the activewear scene for inspiration. According to Pollock, he wasn’t interested in further saturating the market with more of the same old Downward Dog capris. He wanted his pieces to stand out. So he started looking into what was hot in fashion, and denim in particular.

      “Anyone can go buy a regular pair of yoga pants anywhere,” says Pollock, who recently sat down with the Straight at a downtown café. “But I think you’ve got to stand out and do what lululemon is not doing, because I think everyone else is just doing what they’re doing. And I think when you do anything, you’ve got to be unique and stand out. Otherwise, you’re just going to sit back in the crowd and blend in.”

      Well, you certainly won’t be blending in at your local yoga studio in a pair of Public Myth Military Patch leggings ($105). These Supplex/spandex pants come in olive green or plain black and boast three very trendy naval-inspired buttons lined up near the bottom of each pant leg. There are also cross-stitched knee patches, as well as PM’s embroidered heart-with-wings logo on the right hip.

      It’s definitely not your mom’s yoga pant”¦ Unless, of course, your mom is Fergie, who incidentally is a big fan of Public Myth clothing. She’s been photographed in three different PM outfits, but her favourite seems to be the Metallic Stitch Flare ($84). These black, stretchy pants come with gold or silver top-stitching down the outside of the legs and around the thick waistband. Because of the wick-away fabric, you can work out in them, or just boot around town doing errands and showing off your lovely lady lumps.

      Another PM hot seller is the Bamboo Pocket Pant ($110). These drawstring flares—which come in white, black, Dried Herb green, and Titanium grey—are perfectly comfy loungewear threads for people who can’t get enough of cargo-style pocketing.

      It’s designs like these—all of which have matching hoodies that go for $100 to $120—that have helped Public Myth crack the U.S. market. Right now, roughly 15 SoCal retailers carry Pollock’s line, and while his stuff is unique, he’s quite open about giving credit where credit is due when it comes to his success south of the border.

      “A lot of Southern California [sales] is because of Fergie,” admits Pollock, who sells his label through his website as well as DNZ Jewellery & Clothing (2004 West 4th Avenue) and select Reflex stores (various locations) in Vancouver. “She’s got the rock star in her—that’s what I like. Plus, she’s photographed so much.”

      So to honour the hoochie rock ’n’ roll hip-hopper who’s helping put his brand on the map, Pollock is launching the Paradise City Pants ($110). These skinny-jeans look-alikes are named after the G N’ R hit Fergie did on the Deluxe Edition of Slash’s 2010 self-titled solo album.

      And with that, I think it’s safe to say Pollock has achieved his goal of standing out in the lotus-posing crowd. After all, when’s the last time you read an article about yoga that mentioned Slash?