East Vancouver residents voice concerns about cell towers

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      Vancouver residents concerned about cellular network towers springing up in residential areas will voice their concerns on Sunday (February 20) at the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House (2425 Oxford Street) in Hastings-Sunrise.

      Vancouver-Hastings NDP MLA Shane Simpson and Vancouver East NDP MP Libby Davies are organizing the community meeting, which will take place from 1 to 3 p.m.

      In a December letter, Davies raised constituents’ concerns about cell towers in their neighbourhood with Industry Minister Tony Clement and Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq.

      In an e-mail to fellow residents earlier this month, Janice Evans noted that a 15-metre tall tower was installed in November near the corner of Nanaimo and McGill streets.

      “This is the first time a telecom took the liberty to install a cell tower in a residential neighborhood without seeking city approval,” the e-mail states. “Rogers is arguing that cell towers are federally regulated and that the federal regulations state that if a tower is under 15 metres in height they do not have to consult the City.”

      On February 15, Vision Vancouver councillor Raymond Louie, who lives a few blocks south of the tower referred to by Evans, introduced a motion, asking that council direct the city manager to “ensure citizen and industry concerns are identified and integrated into a coherent approach to this issue”.

      Louie also proposed city staff “continue to work with telecommunications companies, federal agencies, and  Vancouver Coastal Health  in a collaborative process to develop clear protocols and guidelines for the installation of all antennas in the city that balance citizen, industry and city needs in addressing current challenges in regards to permitting, public process and urban design issues”.

      For local resident Kara Ardan, Louie’s motion is a bit unclear.

      Ardan said, instead of looking to the municipal level for solutions, she is convinced a Canada-wide solution is the only way to guarantee sufficient oversight and safety.



      Mark Wright

      Feb 19, 2011 at 12:25pm

      The federal laws around this are draconian.

      They states that land use authorities have a say but in fact they took away the right if towers are under 15 meters for any say.

      That's what we call a "loophole" thanks for looking after the taxpayers concerns over corporate profits, MP, Tony Clement!

      Even if a city puts it in their policy that all towers are to be reviewed. Industry Canada does nothing to enforce this infraction and even provides a loophole in their policy stating if a citys policy is to cumbersome telcos can ignore it!

      WOW whishy washy at best.

      Another loophole...

      Nice when you know everything is skewed in favor of a private companies rights. Remember folks although you may use a cell phone there are approx 6 cell providers vying for your dollar and each need a tower as they do not want to share.

      Some companies stock values are determined on how many towers they have in place... so is it not the right of the consumer to fight back and say do better or should they suck it up and lose property value whilst a company stock gains!

      No this is free enterprise so fight back folks there are better options that could address both limiting these ugly towers and eliminate them in residential communities altogether (DAS, Microcell, FemtoCell) all are better options.

      Cell companies don't like them because they cost more.

      Consumers need to push back and not buy the BS that Industry Canada Health Code 6 is acceptable.

      Canada has some of the the least restrictive measures around microwave emissions in the World! They should just call it Code 6 as there is no "Safety" in it!

      It's no wonder why people do not want these next to their kids windows.

      WAKE UP Canada Russia even has better safety measures!

      Cities throughout North America are starting to challenge these federal laws due to property and health concerns.

      The world health authority has stated we should take precautionary measures as to where we place these microwave towers near children.

      The National Research Council states they should be at least 450 meters from where children are.

      The Canadian telcos and CTIA are pissed that there is a backlash and always refer to their "daddy" Industry Canada as saying all is good and Health Canada is ok with it because of Safety Code 6.

      Time to kick the Conservatives out on their **sses for yet again looking at industry over Health and the Individual

      BTW Tony Clement was Health Minister prior to becoming Industry Canada Minister.

      As long as they can keep Canadian's chasing their tails on this one they win. Fight back Janice... and bravo to everyone else challenging these ridiculous policies.

      FYI - There is a website www.celltower.ca which is becoming a national advocacy group on this subject.

      Curtis Bennett

      Feb 19, 2011 at 7:51pm

      What is missing in this discussion is that Health Canada isn't reporting there was an error or omission in safety standards reported by expert witness to Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health. The recommendations of the committee included thoroughly investigating the error or omission reported.

      As a result of the error in Health Canada's Safety Code 6, these emfs interacting with humans are dangerous. Safety Code 6 says it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization or a heat effect which according to code is to be avoided.

      The reported error or omission in code changes the reporting of governments on emf safety. Safety standards set out to establish safe exposure limits to radio frequency emfs but didn't include the frequencies of humans or that they would be vulnerable to emfs.

      Canada needs to slow down on radiation for communication convenience, it interferes with other molecules trying to function at their own frequencies. Wi Fi is now illegal in schools as a result of the error reported to Health Canada. The science and the laws have changed with the error. http://www.thermoguy.com/blog/index.php?itemid=49

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