Christy Clark's former leadership race rivals show support for new B.C. Liberal leader

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      Christy Clark's former rivals in the B.C. Liberal leadership race say they will support their new leader as she becomes the 35th premier of the province.

      "I don't spend a lot of time looking in the rear view mirrors," former health minister Kevin Falcon told reporters following Clark's win. "I'll work with Christy in whatever capacity she wants me to, but I'll tell you I'll be very supportive of her. I will get behind her and support her as much as I can."

      But George Abbott denied that Clark's win is a mandate for change within the party.

      The party's new leader told a crowded room at the Vancouver Convention Centre that "change begins tonight."

      "I think you've got to separate the rhetoric from what will be the substance of change," said Abbott.

      But he noted he does support some of her policies.

      "Christy also said that she was very supportive of the economic policies of the last 10 years," he told reporters. "If she has some views about some different policies around the family and so on, I think that would be great."

      Abbott said he will do "whatever it takes" to keep the party united.

      Clark won the leadership with 4,420 points after the third ballot. Falcon received 4,080 votes.

      B.C. Liberal members cast their vote online or by phone today (February 26) using a preferential ballot and a weighted voting system, which designated 100 points to each of the province's 85 ridings.