B.C. Refederation Party picks Ingrid Voigt for leader

Over the weekend, the B.C. Liberals elected Christy Clark as their leader.

Another provincial political party says it also has a new leader.

Today (February 28), the B.C. Refederation Party sent out a news release, which states:

The BC Refed party wishes to announce the appointment of Ms. Ingrid Voigt as party leader. Ms Voigt has been the interim party leader since 2010. Ms Voigt’s appointment to leader is the result of a vote by all BC Refed party members.

Unlike other parties and in keeping with the Refed ideal of direct democracy, this is the way that Refed party leaders and executives are appointed, as opposed to the practice of ballots which are cast at annual general meetings, as other parties do. Refed holds its membership as the sole authority to elect its leaders and directors, just as it would hold the voters of BC as the sole authority over government.

We welcome Ingrid as our democratically elected leader and commend her for the energy and enthusiasm she has put fourth so far.

Founded in 2000, the B.C. Refederation Party was originally named the Western Independence Party of B.C.

According to the party’s website, it supports a “lawful tax revolt of the provinces against Ottawa” and “the RIGHT of British Columbians to veto bad provincial legislation between elections”.

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Feb 28, 2011 at 1:32pm

How is this event even worthy of a story? In the last two elections, this party garnered 4,423 voted combined.

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Mike Summers

Feb 28, 2011 at 4:34pm

They are trying.

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