Enbridge considers legal action in response to MyHairCares hoax

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      Enbridge is not amused by a hoax that makes it appear the company behind the Northern Gateway pipeline project in B.C. is planning to use human hair to clean up oil spills.

      Websites describing the fake MyHairCares initiative state that Enbridge expects to turn 450,000 pounds of hair from salons across North America into “super-absorbent hair booms”.

      “When we’ve finished collecting hair, we will stuff it into old nylons and put it in mesh to strengthen the exterior. These sausage-like booms will be tied together to contain and absorb oil spills,” one of the sites says.

      In a statement today (March 15), Gina Jordan, spokesperson for Enbridge Pipelines, called the MyHairCares hoax a “cynical attempt to take advantage of public concern about the environment”.

      “Enbridge will vigorously defend its reputation, and is considering an appropriate legal response to this media campaign attack,” Jordan said.

      This morning, the No Tanks Coalition, which is fighting Enbridge's proposed oil pipeline, sent out a news release attacking the purported MyHairCares initiative.

      “Enbridge should trim their project not the hair of the nation to make British Columbians feel safer,” Rex Weyler, a No Tanks member, said in the release. “This outrageous campaign is just the latest of many feeble attempts to convince the public not to worry about the inevitable devastating consequences of oil pipelines and tankers on the west coast. Instead, it serves as a powerful reminder that there is simply no good way to clean up oil spills and that oil spills are inevitable in a project of this scope and daring.”

      Reached by phone this afternoon, Weyler told the Straight that he didn’t know MyHairCares was a hoax when he provided his quote for the release.

      Asked if he knows who put up the hoax sites, the long-time environmentalist replied, “No, I don’t know who did.”

      Weyler noted MyHairCares is clearly a hoax and “kind of funny”.

      “For us, any chance to talk about tankers, we’ll talk about tankers,” Weyler said.

      A journalist or two may have fallen victim to the hoax.

      The Province headline “Greenpeace slams Enbridge’s ”˜hair-raising’ campaign” can be found in Google News, but the story is not available on the newspaper’s site.

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      glen p robbins

      Mar 15, 2011 at 6:28pm

      So the company won't be doing this with the hair?

      James Daniels

      Mar 15, 2011 at 11:43pm

      You can get a free haircut outside Enbridge's offices - 505 Burrard, tomorrow at noon.

      Beth Gordon

      Mar 16, 2011 at 6:37pm

      But isn't it a good idea to collect the hair? What else is Enbridge doing to ensure that they will be able to clean up the oil spills quickly?


      Mar 16, 2011 at 11:01pm

      One can only hope and pray that Enbridge will be so foolish as to pursue legal action against these hoaxers.

      Such a silly effort would focus even more attention on their environmental record, and their reckless ambitions. It would turn this smart and funny video into a YouTube hit.

      Here's hoping a money-minded lawyer talks them into it!