Twyla Roscovich video Oil on our Coast focuses on potential impact of proposed Enbridge pipeline

B.C. filmmaker Twyla Roscovich has created a video showing the threat that the proposed Enbridge pipleline poses to the north and central coast.

Oil on our Coast was produced with the Gitga’at Nation, who live in the coastal community of Hartley Bay.

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Steve Y

Apr 4, 2011 at 1:16pm

Can we get enviro's to support a pipeline east to Ontario then? Reducing the number of oil tankers that come into the St. Lawrence from terrorist exporting countries like UAE and Saudi? It is in my judgement, very good to get a company like enbridge to spend a bunch of money in the North for a pipeline that will likely NEVER GET USED. If they send 250+ mega tankers of oil away from N. America I'll eat my shorts. Both enbridge and enviros overestimate the amount of oil that is going to get shipped from this pipeline. With Mexico and Venezuela running dry, I imagine the mere threat of a pipeline to china would be enough for the American's to pay whatever price we want for our oil.

Jim Anderson

Apr 4, 2011 at 10:12pm

Twyla did a great job of gathering the photos and film that SHE wanted to get HER video together. Same as with Al Bore and his "Inconveient Fiction" movie . Take the left wing bullshit out of this video and it would be over in 10 seconds. Believe what you want enviros but bullshit doesn't cut it. I would ask her if she canoed her way up the coast od did she fly and/or drive. She missed out on some big numbers that, with her logic , she could tie into oil pipelines. In ballpark numbers, approximately 40000 people die in road accidents in the US annually because they use that ugly oil and gas in their vehicles. More people than critters in the ocean I would guess. Its all in your perspective Twyla, all in your perspective.