Federal election 2011: Metro Vancouver candidates’ commentaries

The Georgia Straight is inviting federal-election candidates across Metro Vancouver to each write an opinion piece for publication on our website. The commentaries will be added to this page, sorted alphabetically by riding and candidate's name, as they are posted.

If you are a candidate, please contact web editor Stephen Hui by email or on Twitter for details.


George Gidora: A socialist Canada will put people’s needs before corporate greed (Communist)

Adrianne Merlo: Only the Green party grasps urgency of environmental crisis (Green)

Kennedy Stewart: Fixing Canadian democracy (NDP)

Burnaby-New Westminster

Peter Julian: Stephen Harper doesn’t want you to vote (NDP)

Carrie McLaren: I’m running to represent all of Burnaby-New Westminster’s people (Green)

Delta-Richmond East

John Shavluk: It’s time to bring common sense to Delta-Richmond East (independent)

Fleetwood-Port Kells

Nao Fernando: I want to represent Fleetwood-Port Kells in Ottawa, not other way around (NDP)


Craig Nobbs: Fair copyright reform is needed in Canada (Pirate)

New Westminster-Coquitlam

Fin Donnelly: My Canada includes strong leadership for working families (NDP)

Newton-North Delta

Sukh Dhaliwal: Conservative government showed blatant disregard for public trust (Liberal)

Jinny Sims: Who do you trust to make your life more affordable? (NDP)

North Vancouver

Michael Charrois: Conservative agenda focuses on wrong priorities for Canada (NDP)

Taleeb Noormohamed: North Vancouver needs strong, positive, responsible voice in Ottawa (Liberal)

Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission

Craig Speirs: Let’s get involved and make Canada a better place (NDP)


Joe Peschisolido: A little flight planning needed at Vancouver International Airport (Liberal)

Michael Wolfe: Representing Richmond with our future generations in mind (Green)

Alice Wong: Conservative party is the right party for Richmond (Conservative)

Surrey North

Bernadette Keenan: A voice crying for the wilderness in Surrey North (Green)

Shinder Purewal: People of Surrey North want help to get ahead now (Liberal)

Jasbir Sandhu: People of Surrey North deserve MP they can trust to stand up for them (NDP)

Jamie Scott: Legislating honesty is only way to stop deception in Canadian politics (independent)

Vancouver Centre

Adriane Carr: This federal election is right time for change in Vancouver Centre (Green)

Jennifer Clarke: Vancouver Centre needs strong voice in federal government (Conservative)

Hedy Fry: Stephen Harper’s Conservatives silent on health care (Liberal)

Travis McCrea: Is it finally time to vote for the little guy in Canada? (Pirate)

Karen Shillington: Why I’m running with the NDP in Vancouver Centre (NDP)

Vancouver East

Libby Davies: East Vancouver can be model of a healthy community (NDP)

Douglas Roy: We are the problem, and we have to act now (Green)

Vancouver Kingsway

Kimball Cariou: Unlike major parties, Communist party calls for systemic change (Communist)

Don Davies: NDP offers leadership you can trust (NDP)

Wendy Yuan: My life, my vision, our country (Liberal)

Vancouver Quadra

Deborah Meredith: Conservatives making a difference on human trafficking (Conservative)

Joyce Murray: Canada’s strange federal election (Liberal)

Laura-Leah Shaw: Oil tankers, animal cruelty, poverty a few reasons to vote Green (Green)

Vancouver South

Meena Wong: NDP offers practical solutions to Conservative problems (NDP)

West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country

Brennan Wauters: In face of ecological collapse, we must empower ourselves to take action (Green)




Apr 4, 2011 at 5:06pm

I suggest people do some of their own research. An easy way to start is on Wikipedia. There is no media slant there just well documented and substantiated facts about the various party leaders. There may even be information about your local candidates if they have been around a while. Just go to the search engine you use and type;

wiki Stephen Harper
wiki Michael Ignatieff
wiki Jack Layton
wiki ... ....

It doesn't hurt to know the background before making a choice for the future.


Apr 4, 2011 at 7:42pm

argulion, wikipedia is a great place to find information, but i would just add to your comment that it should only be taken seriously when the information within it has been documented properly from a verifiable source. wikipedia is open source so anyone from anywhere can write anything, and change everything. unless the article is heavily referenced i would not take anything written there very seriously.


Apr 5, 2011 at 10:47am

@osbornation - It is not a political statement. Just information of about who they are and chronicle of what they have done. why would anyone have a problem with knowing that?

And, there has to be reliable references for information included.