Adriane Carr predicts Green party will win seats in B.C.

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      Vancouver Centre candidate Adriane Carr says the Green Party of Canada will win seats in B.C. in the May 2 federal election.

      The party, which has never elected a member of Parliament, is running candidates in all 308 riding across the country.

      In the 2008 federal election, the Green party also ran candidates in every B.C. riding but failed to win any seats.

      According to Carr, the party’s deputy leader, things are different this time around.

      She noted the party already had advertising, a campaign strategy, and policies in place before the election was called.

      “We are way better prepared than we have ever been,” she said.

      “I think we’re going to elect Greens here [in B.C.],” she added.

      The Green party’s top goals are electing Leader Elizabeth May and increasing its share of the vote in all other ridings, Carr said.

      May’s Saanich-Gulf Islands riding has been a focus for the party over the last year and a half, Carr said.

      “We’ve had a canvass team on the ground, knocking on doors, identifying the vote,” she said.

      “She [May] has just been out a lot in her community and this election will be spending more time than most leaders—because there’s no safe seat yet for the Greens—in her riding.”

      Carr also said she believes she has a shot at winning in Vancouver Centre.

      “My gut instinct tells me I’m close in this riding,” she said.

      “I never saw it like this in the last election, people coming up to me and saying,”¦”˜I’ve decided to vote for you.’”

      Carr also touted her party’s approach to the environment and the economy.

      “Although the Green party has got, obviously, policies across the spectrum I think we’re trusted the most on the fact that we will protect the environment, and we push the other parties and governments to do that,” she said.

      “I think secondly that here in British Columbia we’re at the leading edge of changes to put us on a more sustainable economic path and that sustainable or green economy is the economy of the future.”

      May is set to attend a rally at noon on April 11 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The Green party is calling the event a “Rally for Democracy”.

      Please note: This article was corrected on April 7, 2011, to indicate the Green Party of Canada has never elected a member of Parliament.




      Apr 6, 2011 at 1:00pm

      @Stephen -- I'm sure you meant to say, "The party, which has never elected an MP in Ottawa ..."

      @Adrian - I would love to see the Greens elect an MP, but at the same time I would put up $50 against it not happening in this election. That's a bet that I would be more than happy to lose, especially if it happened in a Conservative riding.


      Apr 6, 2011 at 1:05pm

      The Green Party will never win a seat with May at the helm. May was willing to throw the party under the bus for a senate seat at the first opportunity. She is running in her 5th constituency - showing she has no ties to any community. She has been exposed as the opportunist scumbag lawyer she is.

      It's sad. We all want to be good curators of the environment, but there is currently no party out there with any real ideas. Carbon trading, pollution credits, non of these help the environment or stop pollution... they just spread it around more so people feel good about themselves.

      The Green Party is a joke.
      That's not to say that some of the supporters aren't wonderful people fighting for a good cause... the Greens just need a real leader with real ideas and a real mandate to put on the table.


      Apr 6, 2011 at 3:17pm

      Rain, you should see the platform when it's released. All the policies come directly from the party membership as opposed to leadership.

      Not left or right but forward

      Apr 6, 2011 at 10:36pm

      About a million (possibly more) Canadians want May to beat Lunn in SGI this election. Her addition to Parliament in Ottawa would mean a representational vote for those constituants and the Green voters across the country every Question Period. It happened in the UK and Australia this year when all pundits said it could not be done under the same archaic Westminster system. Let's hope the trend continues and undemocratic silencing at the debate translates into a seat. Go May go!

      glen p robbins

      Apr 7, 2011 at 6:34pm

      Sweet dear Jesus - is that Ms. Carr? I'm voting Green.

      Mr. Truth

      May 1, 2011 at 10:07pm

      The Greens will not win even a single seat in this election.
      They are pure wing-nuts, their platform is what jokes are made of. I find it completely absurd that the anti-tobacco Greens, want to legalize marijuana and tax it to death...Their equally idiotic stance on heavily-taxing any gambling wins within the province is so laughable, that it defies any logical sense. The Greens are a sick version of big brother-sister who want to tell everyone exactly how to live their lives.

      No thanks...I'd rather vote for the Marijuana Party if they were still running candidates in this election. And I don't smoke pot.