Bison BC's Dark Ages gets vinyl release

Bison BC’s blistering third album, 2010’s Dark Ages, will finally get a limited vinyl release this May, via Canada’s War on Music Records. But why the label shift?

“Metal Blade probably was interested in doing a vinyl release,” guitarist-vocalist James Farwell told the Straight. “But when they did the vinyl for our last album [2008’s Quiet Earth], it wasn’t really economically viable for us. They did a really limited run, which we ended up having to sell for $20 or $25. It was really expensive for everyone. With War on Music”—licensed through Metal Blade, Farwell noted, so everyone is happy—“we get them nice and cheap. I’m sure it’ll be a normal record price.”

Farwell also mentioned that Bison fans might want to check out the Red Gate Gallery (156 West Hastings Street) on April 16 for a gig by Chapel, Slow Learners, and the Bison side project Cooked and Eaten, with Dan And on lead vocals. “You should see him sing,” said Farwell. “All of a sudden he turns into [Pantera vocalist] Phil Anselmo!