Carrie McLaren: I’m running to represent all of Burnaby-New Westminster’s people

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      I am running (well, maybe more of a steady jog) for the job of MP for Burnaby-New Westminster.

      How does someone decide to run for a job representing the interests of a large community? I’ve asked a few MPs and other politicians over the past few years, and they all have similar answers. To make a difference.

      A few years ago, I really became disillusioned with politics in general. I kept hearing the same promises, and seeing them being broken as soon as the election was over. Personal attacks became the norm and voter turnout was plummeting. Friends told me they were not seeing anyone to vote for, and politicians were all the same—no reason to get engaged. I heard a lot worse as I’m sure you have as well.

      Instead of turning off, I got involved. If Canadians had this great opportunity to vote and it was not working anymore, I wanted to find out why and fix it. I researched the major parties and a few smaller ones as well. The one that fit best with my values, and was the most open, was the Green party. I started out by volunteering for my local candidate in 2004, and now I am a candidate.

      I’m running to represent the people of my community, all of them. MPs should have the ability to vote in the House as their constituents wish, not just toe the party line. MPs need to be able to connect with the community and bring issues and long term solutions to Ottawa that can help make a more sustainable and livable city and nation.

      I am taking this election opportunity to try to connect to as many non-voting people of Burnaby-New Westminster as possible, get them involved and out to vote—no matter who they end up voting for.

      Carrie McLaren is the Green candidate for Burnaby-New Westminster.