B.C. Conservatives' John Cummins rules out byelection run against Christy Clark

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      John Cummins has ruled out running against Christy Clark in the Vancouver-Point Grey byelection.

      “I certainly don’t have any intention of running in the riding,” said Cummins, a former Tory MP who is expected to officially become leader of the B.C. Conservative Party in late May.

      He said Clark, as Liberal leader, should have a seat in the legislature.

      “Given the fact that it seems like there’s going to be a fall election I don’t have a problem with allowing her an easy run into the House right now and we’ll square off in the fall election,” he told the Straight.

      Clark, who left her job as a radio show host to launch a successful Liberal leadership bid, does not have a seat in the legislature.

      The byelection in Vancouver-Point Grey, once the riding of departed premier Gordon Campbell, takes place May 11.




      Apr 15, 2011 at 1:24pm

      Not nearly enough farm people and/or evangelicals in Point Grey for JC to give it a shot. I'm guessing he's waiting for a spot in the valley.

      glen p robbins

      Apr 15, 2011 at 3:03pm

      This is simple cowardice disguised as cordiality on the part of Mr. Cummins. An excuse so that the party doesn't have to possibly explain a crummy showing. The BC Conservative would advantage its ambitions by Clark losing - she would be damaged as leader - thus weakening the party and creating a better chance for the BC Conservative's Party.

      If I were running for BC Conservative leader I would be in Point Grey like a shot - putting up a contest for the seat.

      Mr. Cummins position only affirms the suspicions so many of us have about all politicians - it's as if they have their own elite club - oh after you Ms. Clark - when the truth of it is - Mr. Cummins is afraid to embarass himself in Point Grey.

      The party is welcome to email me at glen_robbins@email.com if it wants a little spirit in the old geezer mix.