Libby Davies: East Vancouver can be model of a healthy community

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      All my life I have believed that politics is not some distant elitist endeavour that takes place in Ottawa; it is more about how we treat each other and how we make decisions based on the public interest. I have lived in East Vancouver for over 40 years and know it to be the most amazing, activist, diverse, and visionary community in Canada. It’s a place of rich history, struggle, new immigrants, artistic creativity, and grassroots innovation and learning. It is home to many aboriginal people and a place that respects First Nations and culture.

      I hear from many people that it’s tough to make ends meet, and people worry that Vancouver is now so expensive to live in (never mind buying a house) that it means barely surviving or having to move out.

      I don’t believe it has to be this way. East Vancouver can be a model of a vibrant and healthy community.

      That’s why I’ve worked with many people and groups to help make our community livable and affordable, and pressured the federal government on things like affordable housing, more child care, better access to EI, support for students, good pensions, action on climate change and the environment, and support for the queer community.

      We need to support our local businesses and support good paying jobs in our community, and to strengthen labour rights that benefit us all.

      I’ve also focused attention on the need to improve our democratic system, especially in light of the Conservative government’s appalling track record of proroguing Parliament (twice); undermining the work of Parliament; and forcing through, sometimes in secret, rotten trade deals and security agreements with the U.S. that undermine our rights. I support proportional representation; I support housing over fighter jets; and I support the NDP’s bill on climate change over ongoing massive subsidies to oil and gas corporations.

      I support fair and progressive taxation over outrageous tax cuts to corporations (now climbing to $120 billion) that rob our ability to properly fund health care, affordable postsecondary education, and child care.

      I’m running in this federal election because I really care about creating a community and society that works to end poverty, and has good jobs for people, and a country that works for peace and justice—not war.

      That might sound impossible, but I believe that it is the only way to approach our future and the only way to bring people together based on goodwill, equality, and compassion.

      This brings me back to East Van—it is here we see the reality and proof that community based solutions are effective and working. Whether it’s Insite (still being challenged by the Conservatives; the Supreme Court case begins May 12), or effective youth at-risk programs like EASY that’s fighting for survival, or the Walk 4 Justice for the missing and murdered women, or W2 and the civic engagement they foster—all these initiatives are effective, and building community spirit and change.

      My role as an elected representative is to support these and other initiatives, and to provide leadership on sometimes controversial issues, like the urgent need for a properly functioning and legal medical marijuana program, and drug policy reforms that are based on common sense and not the criminalization of drug users.

      I want to help make East Van affordable, a good place to live and work, and a place where hope, possibility and activism come together for the wellbeing of all. I am committed to our community. That’s why I’m running for re-election.

      Libby Davies is seeking re-election as the NDP MP for Vancouver East.



      derek jay

      Apr 15, 2011 at 6:56pm

      Way to go Libby! Thanks for making our voices heard.


      Apr 16, 2011 at 2:07am

      Libby Davies is the closest thing to People's Champ we have in Parliament as far as i'm concerned, thanks for reading our anti-torture petition out in the House of Commons Libby !
      Libby Davies takes a stand against torture while the CONS welcomed them with open arms defying our own strict laws.

      No More Kooks

      Apr 16, 2011 at 10:17am

      Is a wacky leftie who is out of touch with reality. She and trendy Svendy used to travel to "Palestine" to break bread with Yasser and she believes that Israel has occupied "Palestine" as of 1948 (i.e that Israel itself is occupied territory and hence doesn't exist). She gets all of her wacky policy ideas from a collection of wackos. Once she goes the NDP can have a foreign policy that has an air of reality.