Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth final candidates in B.C. NDP leadership race as vote heads to third ballot

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      The vote for the leader of the B.C. NDP will go to a third ballot, with Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth as the final two contenders.

      Dix is in the lead after the second ballot, with 7,748 votes. Farnworth garnered 6,951 votes.

      John Horgan, who is now off the ballot for the third round of voting, came in with 5,034 votes.

      Horgan spoke positively of his campaign, and said he will support whichever candidate wins in the final ballot.

      "I think we ran a very positive campaign, we tried to speak to issues, we tried to stay on the high road the whole time, and I'm hopeful that the public picked that up," he told the Straight.

      "It wasn't a divisive exercise for any of us, and ultimately Mike or Adrian will be selected leader and I'll get behind whichever one wins."

      The winning candidate requires 9,867 votes to win.

      Voting on the final ballot will finish at about 6:30 today (April 17).

      The first ballot placed Dix in the lead with 7,638 votes and Farnworth in second, with 6,979 votes.Third place candidate Horgan had 4,844 votes.

      Fourth place candidate Dana Larsen came off the ballot after the first count.

      Voter participation for the leadership election was 71.3 percent. NDP members cast preferential ballots online or by phone during the last week, and in final ballots at the Vancouver convention centre today.