Christopher Porter: It is time Canadians stopped voting in the rats

One of Canada’s most famous speeches was the Story of Mouseland by Tommy Douglas, an NDP pioneer. This story was first told by Clarence Gillis and encapsulated the situation Canadians were feeling.

The mice were a society and were voting in the black cats to rule them. They slowly realized that the black cats were not as interested in their well being, as much as they thought. So they voted in the white cats. But at the end of the day, the cats were cats and did not have the best interest of the mice at heart.

Today we face a similar story but we are voting in the rats. The difference with the rats and the cats, is that the rats eat cheese as well. At least with the cats, suffering was quick and painless at the loss of a mouse for the well being of the fat cat. Today the suffering is long and painful. Economic recessions, insurmountable debt, unjust wars, privatization of our natural resources, increased unemployment and a bleak future.

In order for the rats to exist in a world of limited cheese the mice must suffer and eventually be extinguished.

It is time that the mice, Canadian citizens, vote themselves in. Not lay all their trust in somebody or something else. It is time that the mice control the direction of this country, not the cats or rats.

This can be done by reclaiming our economical and political sovereignty. First, we must remember that as Canadians, we own the Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada can be used for government created money to help fund necessary community infrastructure projects with little or no interest. Investing in education and the welfare of its citizens for the betterment of the future.

Our political sovereignty can be reclaimed through electoral reform. By forcing MPs to represent fully their riding, not their party. There is only one solution: the whole House of Commons needs a thorough House-cleaning. The best interests of Canadians can only be served by electing members of small parties or independent MPs, who sincerely offer to represent the best interests of their own local constituents and are not bound by any other authority. We can make this happen.

The Canadian Action Party has excellent policies, all centered around the protection and enhancement of Canadian sovereignty, both as individuals and as a nation of strong and vibrant communities. Our MPs are free to vote as directed by the constituents of their own electoral district, not the whim or preference of the party’s leader. The party’s sole purpose is to organize and empower all Canadians in their own electoral districts, not to accrue power for itself or dominate the country or exploit its resources to put wealth into the hands of an elite group of its supporters. It has no corporate ties or sponsors of any kind.

It is your choice: vote for the cats or the rats, or finally, vote for your fellow mouse.

Christopher Porter is the leader of the Canadian Action Party.




Apr 19, 2011 at 2:33am

Harper et al. have an atrocious record of governing, obvious even to a cursory examination. Get rid of them! Please vote!--@Rolf_Auer


Apr 19, 2011 at 1:45pm

Harper and Iggy are both snakes its time for new ideas like some of the ones CAP are talking about.
This Fiberal Con Puppet show is played out.