Michael Wolfe: Representing Richmond with our future generations in mind

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      Richmond’s environment is my lifelong home. I care about the land, air, water, and all of the living parts. As your representative, my voice will be yours. To guide my decisions I will listen to the people of Richmond and raise the consciousness of how our actions today will affect the future generations that come after us.

      As a candidate for the Green Party of Canada, I share common values as expressed in our policies that are based on six fundamental principles.

      Ecological wisdom: To show respect for the natural world, I am a public school teacher in Richmond, lead eco-tours of the Garden City Lands, and have a conservation biology degree from UBC.

      Non-violence: To strive for a culture of peace, I am a cooperative citizen, volunteering my time to advocate for solutions to conflict without violence, and I march against war.

      Social justice: To ensure equitable distribution of resources and opportunities for personal and social development, I attend council meetings and public events to provide a voice for the voiceless in our community, and I advocate for those who live below the poverty line, live with disabilities, and for the children who are the future and deserve better than the world we are presently leaving for them.

      Sustainability: To understand the need to shift growth to new sectors that allow for the maintenance of biodiversity, I am an avid urban farmer, I support local small businesses with my purchasing power, and I coordinate sustainability for the Richmond school district and each day I am more proud of our students and staff for their creative initiatives as we make use of renewable resources (i.e. the sun to grow our own food in school gardens).

      Participatory democracy: To express our views and participate directly in decisions, I have been a candidate in five Richmond elections to inspire the youth to get engaged in their role as active citizens and I encourage all of you to come to debates during the campaign and meet all of us, decide for yourself, and vote!

      Respect for diversity: To honour and value ecological diversity, I take individual responsibility to lower my ecological footprint and with your support I will reduce Richmond ecological impacts while harnessing our multiculturalism to educate our effective practices to the world.

      As a local leader with the responsibility to carry the environmental movement in Richmond, I am your best choice for MP as I have a long-term visionary approach to politics that has seen me enter the political ring numerous times, as I was a candidate for MP, MLA, mayor, school board trustee, city councillor, and most recently for MLA in Richmond Centre in 2009.

      Being well known as “Mr. Wolfe” to many of Richmond’s students, I am investing in our youth, the most important members of society. I have been ready to initiate positive change for our future, from my home neighbourhood of all my 29 years.

      A vote for Michael Wolfe is a vote for raising our consciousness. My vision for Richmond is to represent Canada on the international stage as a caring community that lives by a sustainable model that includes zero waste and an abundance of urban agriculture.

      With the potential to be Canada’s first Green MP, I offer my courageous leadership qualities to the people of Richmond. I am ready to provide a voice for the voiceless in our country.

      Michael Wolfe is the Green candidate for Richmond.