Ex-Black Flag singer Ron Reyes debuts Piggy

Ron Reyes’s new band, Piggy, will open for Keith Morris’s Off! at Fortune Sound Club on Monday (April 25)—but don’t expect the proximity of two former Black Flag vocalists to result in renditions of pre-Rollins classics. “I don’t think Off! does any old Black Flag material,” Reyes told the Straight, although Piggy sometimes covers “Jealous Again”, which was originally performed by Reyes on Black Flag’s 1980 EP of the same name. “But it’s [vocalist] Alexa [Bardach] that sings it,” he said.

That EP found Reyes billed as “Chavo Pederast” (Spanish slang for “pedophile”), after he’d had a falling-out with the group, which led to his quitting. “Black Flag did the punk-rock thing and screwed me over with that name when I quit. I would have done the same thing,” Reyes noted. “I don’t have any ill will towards them.”

As for problematic names, note that Piggy is not intended as a reference to the Pickton pig farm. “None of us thought of that,” Reyes explained, “so when that interpretation was brought to our attention later, it was like ”˜Oh, shit!’ ”

With a sound that harks back to Stooges-era Detroit protopunk, Reyes said, “It’s just not the spirit or the vibe of the band at all.”