Spring Beauty Buzz: Eyebrows at Bombay Brow Bar

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      There's no better time to start defuzzing your face than spring, and Amy Minhas at Bombay Brow Bar (1056 Mainland Street) is an expert when it comes to getting eyebrows back into tip-top shape.

      "A well groomed brow helps everything else stand out and complements everything from the blush to the lip color because it's all about the symmetry," Minhas tells the Straight from the window-side loveseat at her vibrant Yaletown shop. "Then, using brow shimmers to highlight that brow bone is a good way to draw attention to the eyes, and a lot of the time, using good eye shadows that complement with your skin tone really help to emphasize the brows as well."

      Minhas and her sister Ravy Mehroke are the brains (and beauties) behind Bombay Brow Bar, a magenta and gold-hued, Indian-inspired boutique with a single mission—to help people achieve perfect eyebrows.

      "Not everybody's got the perfect lighting. Not everybody's got the right tweezers," Minhas says when asked why people should consult an expert before attacking their own brows in front of the bathroom mirror. "It's just a matter of symmetry, like one or two hairs make all the difference."

      To get your brows warm-weather friendly, especially when you're far more likely to tie your hair back, Minhas recommends aiming for a natural arch. "It's a really good idea to lighten the eye area by removing hairs that darken the eye area," she says. "Definitely emphasizing the arch is good for anybody."

      However, not all arches are alike. Minhas advises to follow the simple rule that opposites attract—longer, angular faces are better suited to soft-angle arches, while pointier, strong arches complement round or square faces. In terms of brow thickness, Minhas says that the trend is for thicker, natural-looking eyebrows.

      "Thick brows have always been the best brow for a woman. They're not only feminine, but add a lot of personality. They make a woman look bold," Minhas says. "I think someone like Kim Kardashian has brought a lot of light, and Megan Fox has brought a lot of light back to the thick brow."

      Minhas also credits Jennifer Lopez with lust-worthy eyebrows. "On American Idol, she looks so youthful, and it's because she's added a lot of length to her brows and a lot of thickness to her brows. It's like an instant facelift."

      For women who have over-plucked their eyebrows, Minhas assures that you're not out of luck and that the hairs will eventually grow back. All it takes is a little patience—and maybe hiding your tweezers for a year.

      The brow-shaping treatment at Bombay Brow Bar is called Bombshell Brows ($23), which includes a consultation prior to brow shaping. While, the preferred hair removal method is threading, the shop also offers tweezing and waxing. "With threading, the thread is really just gliding above the skin's surface and intertwining with the hairs and removing it, so it's really precise," Minhas says. "It's removing all the hairs at once from the root to the follicle. It's a good way to prevent ingrowns, and it's just much cleaner."

      To end the appointment, Minhas and company provide a relaxing forehead massage using a calming rosewater gel as well as brow makeup, which includes filling in sparse brows with a shadow and adding brow shimmer to the brow bone.

      Bombay Brow Bar also offers brow tinting ($17), a temporary eyebrow dye that women who plan on lightening up for the summer might want to consider. "The best way to do brow tinting is if you're actually matching eyebrows to hair, but in some cases, some people do have light brows but they want to go darker," Minhas says.

      Whether you're considering getting your eyebrows shaped to complement your face shape, or want to lighten your brows to match the highlights you added for spring, giving your brows the professional treatment will provide you with a fresh, clean face for spring.

      Visit the Bombay Brow Bar website for more details.

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