Video: Tips on how to be a responsible toker at Vancouver's 420 marijuana rally

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      Do you know how to be a responsible pot smoker? If you didn't even know that concept existed, then you're probably doing it wrong.

      At Vancouver's 420 marijuana rally yesterday, activist David Malmo-Levine offered tips on how to smoke pot responsibly and have the best possible experience at the event.

      Among his advice: "If you are a novice user, please use in moderation." Malmo-Levine stressed that choosing to smoke pot in a large group as your first cannabis experience is not the smartest idea. He also emphasized the marijuana-oriented nature of the event and advised attendees not to drink or do other drugs.

      "Rally organizers are not your babysitters," he reminded the mellow crowd.

      Tip four reminded people that when you are high, time may feel longer. "When you're high, a minute can feel like an hour," said Malmo-Levine, "so save cannabis use for high-pleasure, low-pressure situations”¦like eating ice cream, like watching Blade Runner on your DVD player, like making sweet love to your partner—or yourself."


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