Jasbir Sandhu: People of Surrey North deserve MP they can trust to stand up for them

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      Over the last few years, there has been a growing sense among Canadians that Ottawa is broken. People are tired of government that is more concerned with rewarding insiders and winning political games than actually getting things done to help ordinary people. Instead of working to make life better for Canadians, Stephen Harper has appointed Conservative fundraisers and cronies to the Senate, given away millions to corporations that ship jobs out of Canada, and rammed through the HST, making life more expensive for hardworking families.

      In my riding of Surrey North, voters have been especially disappointed with their representation in Ottawa. After stating that 85 percent of her constituents opposed the HST, Dona Cadman promised to vote against this unfair tax. But when it came time to vote, she refused to stand up for her constituents and oppose the HST.

      Cadman explained her broken promise by saying: “I wanted to show my support for my constituents, but I could not see standing up and voting outwardly no to my party.”

      By refusing to oppose the HST, Cadman chose Stephen Harper over the people she represents. This is not good enough. The people of Surrey North need a representative that they can trust to stand up for them when it counts.

      Jack Layton and our New Democrat team have put forward a platform that provides practical first steps to actually make life better for ordinary Canadians.

      New Democrats will strengthen our health care system by training more doctors and nurses, and providing incentives for doctors that have left Canada to return home.

      We will work with the provinces to double your public pension and offer you more choice over your retirement savings.

      We will kick-start job creation by giving small business a two percent tax cut, and bring in tax credits for companies that create jobs in Canada. As a small business owner myself, I have experienced firsthand the damage the HST has caused. Small businesses are they key to our economy, and I understand what needs to be done to help them succeed.

      We will help out your monthly budget by capping credit card fees at five points over prime and taking the federal sales tax off your home heating bill.

      And most importantly, we will fix Ottawa for good. We’ll stop the scandals and commit to working with other parties to get things done for you.

      Surrey has been my home for over 30 years. It is a dynamic city and my riding, Surrey North, is its heart. As your member of Parliament, I will be honoured to represent you with passion and integrity. And I will work hard for practical solutions to make your life better. That’s the kind of leadership Canadians are looking for.

      Jasbir Sandhu is the NDP candidate for Surrey North.