Nao Fernando: I want to represent Fleetwood-Port Kells in Ottawa, not other way around

I want to represent Fleetwood-Port Kells because I want your family, as well as mine, to have a better future. I want my constituents to have real representation for our community in Ottawa.

You said no to the HST and the NDP was the only federal party who voted against it. Our party understood transferring $2 billion in taxes onto working people is wrong, especially during these tough economic times.

You said no oil tankers on our B.C. coast, so New Democrats have worked hard to stop them.

Stephen Harper and Nina Grewal voted for the HST, not for you. They also voted against banning tankers in sensitive waters and for a pipeline from the tar sands to our northern coast line.

I want to represent you in Ottawa, not the other way around.

Jack Layton and I will hire 1,200 new doctors and 6,000 more nurses. We will hire 2,500 more police officers. Now! We aren’t telling you to wait four or five years for tax relief, like the Conservatives.

New Democrats have practical solutions to top up Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement, using a fraction of the $6 billion corporate tax cut Harper and Grewal are implementing this year.

New Democrats are committed to a healthy, thriving economy. We also believe there must be a partnership between business and communities that allows for both to grow and be successful.

This federal budget will cut our corporate tax rate to 15 percent. Corporate income taxes in Canada have been cut 10 times since 2000, from 29.1 percent to 16.5 percent—almost in half, representing $120 billion in lost government revenue.

The Globe and Mail recently reported corporate tax cuts have not created more jobs, they’ve only increased profits. Financial records of nearly 200 of Canada’s top companies during the 2000-2009 period show they increased profits by 50 percent but actually paid 20 percent less in taxes.

Compare that to your situation.

Instead, the NDP will cut the small business tax from 11 percent to nine percent and introduce the Job Creation Tax Credit to provide up to $4,500 in tax credits for new hires—that will create jobs. That’s real help.

Meanwhile, Stephen Harper demands a $6 billion tax cut this year for big oil, banks, and other corporations—$24 billion over the next four years.

Is that what we should do for those poor oil companies? With a $40 billion deficit?

Recent reports indicate Exxon’s earnings surged 53 percent in the last quarter—generating $9.5 billion in after-tax profit.

Yet right-wing think tanks and politicians continue to re-use those tired old lines about how we need to keep cutting. I reject that argument that we better hurry up and cut taxes more, reduce services further, or business will leave.

The oil sands isn’t going anywhere—it’s in Canada, it’s ours. Are they taking our forests with them too, and our mines? Many businesses would love to invest in our incredible resource wealth, with our educated, healthy work force and our world class infrastructure. Global commodity prices are not determined by whether the corporate tax rate in B.C. is 15 percent or 17 percent.

Then there’s you and I filling up our cars and seeing the HST added to the bill, and our phone bill, and our heating bill.

Harper says we can’t afford anything—just $30 billion on fighter jets, $12 billion on jails.

Is that what you want your MP doing in Ottawa? Buying jets?

Stephen Harper tossed $300 million on the floor for seniors to scramble after in his election budget. What an insult to our parents and grandparents.

They spent $300 million in one day at the G20.

How do you like the Conservatives’ combined income tax break—four or five years from now, if that $40 billion deficit is tackled—is that what we should do ?

New Democrats are ready to help you now. Let’s fix Ottawa.

Please allow me the privilege of working for you, for our community, in Ottawa.

Nao Fernando is the NDP candidate for Fleetwood-Port Kells.



David H.

Apr 25, 2011 at 4:53pm

Nina Grewal has been a disgrace as the MP for this riding. Not only is she completely invisible to her constituents, she has done absolutely nothing of consequence ... and a private member's bill to control the volume of television commercials is less than nothing. It's ridiculous.

If taxpayers have to spend their hard-earned money on salary, benefits and expenses for MPs, we should demand something in return - like real work. What Grewal does could be handled easily by a computer, at virtually no cost.

Time to vote her out and give someone else a chance.

Stan Mortensen

Apr 25, 2011 at 10:31pm

Hell, we could send a fence post to Ottawa from Fleetwood-Port Kells at least it would be of more use. Harper could at least have something useful to lean on during Question Period.
Once again tonight, Grewal flipped us the bird, so to speak, by not attending an All Candidates Meeting, a mere six blocks from her committee rooms, in a church, for God's sake, what friendlier environment could that be for a Conservative candidate?
If she can't attend a relative friendly environment then something is truly wrong with this MP. Of course, it would be nice if she actually lived in Fleetwood-Port Kells.