Adriane Carr: This federal election is right time for change in Vancouver Centre

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      Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in the world but also one of the most vulnerable. Our seismic upgrading program for vulnerable schools and hospitals in Vancouver is inadequate—and our existing program is well behind schedule. Despite the clear public safety need to be adequately prepared for emergencies, in 2010, our federal government cut $35.8 million from the Public Safety Canada budget over three years and announced the purchase of F-35 fighter jets which will cost taxpayers $29.5 billion. The priority is all wrong.

      We are the world’s most livable city for good reason—our spectacular natural environment. What other city has beaches, a seawall, mountain views, and parks like ours? It’s vital that we protect our number one asset. One big oil spill would ruin it all. Did you know that up to two crude oil tankers a week leave Vancouver’s harbour with plans to increase tanker traffic up to five-fold? I believe this needs to stop.

      Recently, I have:

      Ӣ Presented to local hearings on rental housing;

      Ӣ Participated in public events on affordable housing, renewable energy, mental health, food security, water security, and regional sustainability;

      ”¢ Held press conferences in Ottawa and Victoria against crude oil tankers in Vancouver’s port;

      Ӣ Helped raise funds and awareness for Stand Up for Mental Health and Ancient Forest Alliance;

      ”¢ Cochaired the nonpartisan Women’s Campaign School;

      Ӣ Joined in citizen rallies, walks, and vigils on homelessness, hate crimes, wild salmon stocks, climate change, crude oil tankers, Darfur, Pride parade, and AIDS Walk.

      As a long-time community activist and champion of climate change, protecting our natural environment, youth unemployment, and the health and welfare of our community—including issues that affect seniors—I look forward to representing the people of Vancouver Centre.

      I keep hearing from people in this riding that they want change. Electing a Green MP is the right change. Vancouver Centre is the right riding. This election is the right time.

      Adriane Carr is the deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada and a candidate in Vancouver Centre.




      Apr 25, 2011 at 4:53pm

      These "green" _______ only serve to keep Harper in power.

      I used to be a Green but after May and Carr's take over of the party and UNCARING that their actions lead to Harper being elected, I say no no no to the greens and urge everyone considering voting for them to realize it is a vote for the Cons.

      Don;t be Deceived, the Green Party of Canada is in the thrall of dictatorial types just like the CPC. I am not the only former Green to say so.

      Don;t waste you vote with the Greens. they are not the social democrats the euro greens are.

      green voter

      Apr 25, 2011 at 11:08pm

      Ms. Carr, I'm a Green voter but the Greens have as much of a chance of winning the provincial election as the Canucks have in winning against the Hawks!

      How about forming a coalition with the NDP?

      Vince Shank

      Apr 26, 2011 at 2:16am

      "As a long time activist and champion of climate change..." Maybe it was in her best interests to be left out of the debates with lines like that!!

      Drina Read

      Apr 26, 2011 at 1:12pm

      The international Green movement comprises the full range of the political spectrum from social activists and environmentalists to small "c" conservatives who want to stop corporate welfare and government waste. The reason why the established parties are so fearful of the Greens is that we are not beholden to the big-money special interests. In Vancouver-Centre, Adriane Carr is poised to dethrone long-time Liberal MP Hedy Fry. The Green Party of Canada will provide the voice in Parliament that is the voice of youth, reason, and common sense in a political world gone mad where attack ads become the norm and citizens are starving on the streets because of corporate influence and greed.

      Green voices are needed in Parliament because the old parties have lost touch with Canadians and they keep flogging the same tired messages in order to get re-elected. The priorities of the Green Party are to help reverse the climate change crisis with sound well-thought out policies. The others have moved the environment to the back-burner to score political brownie points by presenting a US-style top-down leader-figurehead party when, in reality, you vote for an MP to represent you and you never get to vote for the party leader unless you are a member of a given party (or they run in your electoral district).

      The scare tactic of "vote for us or you'll get Harper" doesn't wash unless you live in an electoral district where a Conservative has a chance of getting elected. For everyone who lives in an area where the cons won't get in, you can vote for the best candidate and party that represents your values. In this case, Green candidate Adriane Carr is my choice for MP.