Jamie Scott: Legislating honesty is only way to stop deception in Canadian politics

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      Our politicians should tell us the truth in all matters, at all times, with no exceptions. The consequences of knowingly lying to the public should be immediate resignation, and I am prepared to provide a pre-signed letter of resignation in the event that I have deceived the public in regards to my official capacity as an MP. This should be a minimum requirement of all members of government, at all levels. In addition, all elected officials should be required to submit to polygraph testing. This is no different that what is required of police officers, prison guards, and now even transit police.

      Media blackout or not, there is a duty to investigate the platforms of those who are campaigning in your riding.

      I am the only candidate, out of over a thousand registered nationwide, who has a platform to legislate honesty. It matters not what any of the candidates promise you if they are not required to follow through on these promises, or if there are no consequences for deception.

      The issues in this election are not health care, education, fighter jets, or new prisons. The issue that matters in every election but is never addressed is deception. If you have no insurance against dishonesty, then the entire democratic process is really just for show. These men and women can promise whatever they want, and your only choice is to believe them and then vote for them, or to not believe them and stay home on election day.

      Ultimately, there is only one best choice for the people of Surrey North and that is for us to stop the cycle of community division and come together behind an independent voice, because that is what the people require. Jasbir Sandhu (NDP) and Shinder Purewal (Liberal) should unite the community, and the left-leaning voters, and cease the vote-splitting and community splitting that elections provide. Same goes for Dona Cadman and her constituents, who are forced to support a candidate that they already know has no say in Ottawa, just because they fear letting the Liberals or the NDP in charge of a coalition government. We should return this riding to the independence it had under Chuck Cadman, and then all of these candidates could bring their bills forward as their community wants them written and give them to a member of the House who has already sworn an allegiance to the people and provided a letter of resignation in advance should I violate this oath.

      A community can do no better than to give themselves a guarantee against deception, and an independent voice in Parliament once again.

      I urge supporters of the NDP and Liberal candidates in Surrey North to unite and vote for a candidate who has spoken out publicly on issues that matter to the left. Conversely, I expect supporters of Dona Cadman to restore pride in their votes by giving them to the candidate who will represent them honestly and can never be compromised.

      In fact, rather than merely abandoning key votes in the House, I sincerely urge Dona Cadman to resign her seat altogether, then endorse my campaign directly, and give her long-time followers an independent voice again on May 2.

      Jamie Scott is an independent candidate in Surrey North.



      I Camp

      Apr 26, 2011 at 11:21pm

      Asking for politicians to be accountable & honest is a nice idea on paper, kind of like a campaign promise...oh wait the two are interchangeable.

      Well there goes that Idea.

      The citizenry have no more opportunity of seeing this kind of lofty ideal, than we do of tearing down the entire system and forcing it to be rebuilt in our life time.

      Good luck with that, someone please pass the popcorn there is an election on.


      Apr 27, 2011 at 10:16am

      Can I have a candidate like this in my riding please???

      Why not!

      Apr 27, 2011 at 10:23am

      There aren't any jobs are there that don't require accountability and honesty except a crook. Political accountability is the strengthening of links between parliaments and citizens. The accountability of office-holders is a basic requirement for all public life in a democracy. Parliament's standing depends on the trust of the people and being accountable to them. Parliament needs to be accessible and well understood, so that the public are regularly and actively involved in its work.
      Harper pleads with Canadians to give him a majority because his parties lack of intergity and honesty will only result in government falling again and another election. The Conservatives promised Canadians accountability and instead give parliament their contempt and despite Harper's refusal to obey the laws he helps create yet he is still up in the polls as voters say he is the only government to be trusted with the economy. Talk about nuts.


      Apr 27, 2011 at 11:07am

      Just because a politician didn't follow through on something that was in there platform doesn't mean they lied.

      Trying to legislate what is truth or not is quite ridiculous, there will be too many loopholes. Someone just has to say, I wasn't lying then and I can't follow through now because there are more important issues on the table.

      Also. To say, "the issues in this election are not health care, education, fighter jets, or new prisons," is disregarding every voting Canadian's real concerns.


      Apr 27, 2011 at 11:18am

      "I am the only candidate, out of over a thousand registered nationwide, who has a platform to legislate honesty."

      Legislation is enforced using threats of force. This makes legislation (and the state itself) IMMORAL.

      You are proposing to enforce moral behavior with immoral threats. Doesn't work, never has, never will.

      Morality and coercive government; oil and water.

      If you don't have trust

      Apr 27, 2011 at 11:21am

      You have nothing because what can you believe about fighter jets and health care and such if you can't trust the party telling you all this stuff the elected officals know you want to hear.
      It is why accountability and transparency are so important to Democracy without it all you have is their word and that is blind faith something best saved for church not politics.


      Apr 27, 2011 at 11:58am

      @ I Camp

      He has a pre-signed letter of resignation that stipulate the terms

      I guess politicians will have to think twice before mking promises they can't keep just to win an election.

      Face it people, with the main parties we are stuck with really bad chocies of people who don't represent you. They represent the party. Voting indepedent is your only hope of getting someone who is in politics for the right reasons.

      I agree

      Apr 27, 2011 at 12:47pm

      Just because a government dosen't follow through on promises dosen't mean they lied. I agree some what with this statement because it is hard for another party to really know what is going on when there is so much secrecy in the works. However when you promise transparency and then cover ever thing up with lies isn't on that list.
      It is wise to limit promises and show commitment by being the best you can and that shouldn't be another lie, covering up another lie. People will lose interest and then they will lose out on reality because it is where the truth hangs out.

      Good Quote

      Apr 27, 2011 at 1:45pm

      "A search for truth - seems to me - to be full of pitfalls, we all have different understandings of what truth is. We are endanger of each believing that our truth is the one and only absolute truth." - Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Astrophysicist and first person to find a Pulsar star.

      Just wondering

      Apr 27, 2011 at 4:14pm

      As a Canadian voter I feel I have a responsibility to remove from office any politician who fails to protect our democracy. Whether they are the violator or one who fails to stand up against a violator that person can no longer be trusted with the business of our nation or our reputation on the world stage. Just what did our young people fight for all over the world and gave their all for. Contempt of Parliament, the first one ever to bring down a government in Canada. Enough said.