Danielle Alie: There is an alternative in Vancouver-Point Grey by-election

The Point Grey by-election represents the first chance for voters in B.C. to render a verdict on the B.C. Liberal attempt at renewal. To pass judgment on whether the policies and style of Gordon Campbell that British Columbians came to so detest have really changed.

It is a chance for the people of Point Grey to determine if Christy Clark should be allowed to sit in the legislature. Not because she wants to. Not because she needs to. But because she deserves to.

It is also a chance to decide if the official Opposition has overcome its history of incompetence and misguided ideology.

But it is also an opportunity for the people of Point Grey to chart a new course. To send both those parties a message that neither are “deserving”. To hold them to account for their abject failures to demonstrate real renewal, real competence, and real change.

In the case of Christy Clark, the evidence is clear. Despite the fancy window dressing and new paint, Clark supports all of the same policies as Gordon Campbell: the public sellout on the B.C. Rail inquiry and the payment of $6 million to convicted criminals. The dismantling of B.C. Hydro under contracts that subsidize private corporations like General Electric with guaranteed rates which are double what the market will pay, and that are slowly bankrupting the crown jewel of B.C. The deterioration of our education and health systems to the point where classroom conditions rival developing countries in some cases, and where hospital patients are left on gurneys in hallways and restaurants for days. And the icing on the cake—the HST—a regressive tax that is hammering our economy and hurting seniors, families, students, and small businesses.

In terms of style, the same arrogance that were hallmarks of Premier Campbell are already showing up in Christy Clark, who refuses to attend any all-candidates meetings. She will not even campaign in the riding—and she hasn’t even been elected yet!

The NDP, who helped create this mess, want us to believe they can now solve it. But deep down inside we all know that the B.C. Liberals and the NDP are two sides of the same coin. Big tax and spend parties who represent the special interests who finance them first and the people of B.C. second. They created all of our problems. The end result is an overall debt approaching $60 billion and an economy in tatters.

The truth is neither are qualified or deserving. It’s time to shake up the status quo in B.C. It is time to consider a truly new direction lead by a truly new party and candidate that have only one allegiance—the people of British Columbia.

B.C. First represents a chance for the people of Point Grey to send both the corrupt Liberals and the discredited NDP a powerful message: Not good enough.

You must do a lot better if you want our support. We want change, we want integrity, we want honesty and we want competence. We want an MLA who will put B.C. first and the people of Point Grey first. We want B.C. First and Danielle Alie.

To prove my commitment, I make this pledge: if elected as your MLA I will donate half my salary to the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation. A total of $200,000 to help the people of Point Grey because they are my top priority. Any politician can promise your money to you. It’s time politicians put our money where our mouths are.

This is your chance. You have the choice. I would be honoured to serve you and to fight for you—and only you.

Danielle Alie is the B.C. First Party candidate for the Vancouver-Point Grey by-election.



glen p robbins

May 4, 2011 at 1:37pm

Chris Delaney is quite a smart cat - bringing in this candidate who says she will donate one half of her salary to the BC Childrens' Hospital - while Ms. Clark doesn't apparently want to debate --- a lawyer - Mr. Eby.

John Cummins isn't running here - and despite his odd explanation--(the BC Liberal leader should be in the House) he is probably smart on this count - as his provincial party numbers are climbing upwards -- and fast.

Delaney - is counting on some decent numbers here -- not in a poll - but in a pretty Liberal neighbourhood - in a real vote (I am assuming the election ballots are indeed counted fairly - on faith) which he can than use as a springboard for his party's launch.

2 or 3% would not be so great - however if Christy lost it would remain noteworthy, but 10% or more and impact the outcome one way or another and BC First is in the game provincially - as the appetite for a new party in the province - is on the increase particularly outside Vancouver.

12-15% and John Cummins will need to phone Chris Delaney - not the other way around - particularly if the HST Ref is a loser.

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