Spring Beauty Buzz: Eyelashes at Noir Lash Lounge

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      When it comes to eyelashes, the longer and thicker the better. So it's no wonder that when Joyce Cajucom Poon opened the first Noir Lash Lounge in Yaletown (1150 Hamilton Street) more than two years ago, women who had spent years curling, combing, and applying mascara to their eyelashes came running. Vancouver women are so eyelash obsessed that Poon quickly opened two more locations—one on South Granville (3065 Granville Street) and one in South Surrey (106-15745 Croydon Drive).

      Noir Lash Lounge focuses on one thing only: eyelashes. Poon and her staff have mastered the art of applying eyelash extensions and false eyelashes faster than you can get that lash glue out of the tube. "I didn’t know how to do anything else," Poon jokingly told the Georgia Straight. "While that happened to be my only skill, I wanted to create Noir full of staff whose expertise would be lashes and lashes only. By default, if that’s all you do, then you become the best at it."

      In terms of eyelash extensions, Noir Lash Lounge offers seven different services, from the non-committal half-set called Le Fling ($35) to the luxurious celeb-worthy A-List ($200), which uses synthetic mink lashes.

      For a fresh daytime look or for eyelash extension neophytes, Poon recommends trying the Perpetual Pretty ($65 per set), which is the most naturally lush look of all the extensions. "It is great for a sunny summer day," Poon said. "It’ll take you from the patio to the pool with ease."

      For a smoldering summer evening out, Poon says that the Addict for the Dramatic ($65) will get you noticed from across a dark room but won't be garish once the lights come on.

      Noir Lash Lounge recently added a new treatment to their lineup: LashDip. Long story short, LashDip is a hypoallergenic, semi-permanent waterproof mascara that stays put for up to six weeks. The service was developed in the U.S., and Noir Lash Lounge is the first boutique in Western Canada to offer it.

      During the appointment, eyelashes are curled using a mini curling iron, and then a black gel-like substance is painted onto each eyelash. LashDip recipients can choose to have their lashes "dipped" up to six times, and each layered is allowed to dry before the next one is applied, keeping the natural curl of the lashes intact. Poon, who is a certified LashDip technician, offers the service for upper lashes ($125) and lower lashes ($45) separately. To help lashes go the extra mile, Noir Lash Lounge also offers a touchup appointment ($45), and for those who can't decide between extensions or LashDip, they offer the Faux Natural ($65), which combines LashDip with Le Fling.

      LashDip is a smart move for spring and summer months, when many women prefer wearing less makeup so that it doesn’t start melting when you break a sweat. Poon also suggests trying LashDip or extensions if you're heading to a sunny destination or wedding, as both of these products are pool- and tear-proof while being photo-op ready in a flash.

      Visit the Noir Lash Lounge website for more details.

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